Loyalty to Me or You?

Loyalty to others is utterly unnecessary. If one is perfectly realized and conscious, loyalty to self will provide for the needs and expectations of all others. The whole notion of being loyal to another person is grossly dualistic. Furthermore, any person who recognizes themselves as the sole possessor of their thoughts and emotions cannot fully experience empathy. We must realize that while we have created thoughts and emotions through our own karma, we, our minds, are the only things affected.

In actuality, one person’s anger, sadness, etc., affects every person on the planet, similarly to gravity. While the pull of our Earth may be very weak on another planet galaxies away, due to the nature of the squared formula, the presence of gravity created by Earth will never be absent on anything in the Universe, no matter how far. The same is true for humans in the realm of emotion and compassion.

So, when someone is experiencing “empathy,” or “compassion,” what they are really feeling is the realization that despite the separation of our physical encasements, the human conscious is essential a shared, or group mind. With proper technique, any person can fully experience another’s emotion, and with increasing skill, at great distances.

The dictionary defines loyalty as “a feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection.” In essence: the intention to do no harm to a loved ones mental or emotional well-being. Often the problem with this dividist form of loyalty is when a conflict of interest arises. If one was being loyal to “others” via feeling true compassion by identifying the other person’s emotions as their own, a perfect solution would be obvious. And that is truly all it takes: the identification of another’s thoughts or emotions as your own.

As a person practices this act of identifying loved (and unloved) ones as the same as oneself, it becomes habitual. Once habitual or ingrained, a new level of awareness has been obtained. Internalizing others, situations can be worked out as though the conflict of interest was simply inside of yourself, like deciding what to major in, who your friends will be, etc. And truly, whether or not an awareness is present, all conflicts are internal, even when involving so-called external beings.


2 thoughts on “Loyalty to Me or You?

  1. Loyalty to ones self was lost a long time ago. I am a fiercely loyal person. But that loyalty comes from within. It isn’t because I feel it necessary to proclaim that loyalty to others, it is because of who I am. Loyalty was something that I was taught, and I think we have been failing miserably at teaching our children how vital loyalty really is. To thine own self be true, and the rest will follow. It is rare that I feel torn about who to be loyal to, because I don’t base my loyalty on others.
    And I completely agree that everything we are, is connected to the rest of the universe.

  2. The awareness is the critical piece. Which makes feeling “the weight of the world” that much more crucial to our being; the fulfillment of our destiny…

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