Good Color, Bad Color

Amazing how after 50 years we are still at the same point!

Even though this is 2 years old, reviewing it again is still very dismal…


* When will black America wake up and take responsibility to teach self esteem, balance and value?
* When will black America wake up and teach their babies that black is also beautiful and just as special as being “white” even though they won’t be treated as such?

* When will white America wake up and take responsibility for their contribution to this?
* When will white America wake up and give up some legislative, media, and judicial “control” to those that truly represent “America”?

* When will America just be considered America and not “blank” America?

This is sickening to see! Black babies wanting to be white because they are inundated and indoctrinated with white media, white commercials, white dolls, white toys, white posters in stores, white instruction manuals, white diagrams, white mannequins, white history and hell even a white God. The irony is, white people don’t even see it thus its perpetuation. They only put a black man in play when the fed government says you have to show “Diversity”.

And so we are going to just chalk this up as “ignorance” and “let’s just move forward”?

In order to put sheets on the bed you have to see what size it is first. We cannot begin to address the solution until we can see how big it is, who it’s affecting, and truly understand its causality.

So my contribution to a solution is opening a school however, how effective will my teachings be if all my history books are incorrect or represent a skewed perspective? All educational TV stations have 96% white actors/personalities and more than half my staff/vendors will be white? 😦



6 thoughts on “Good Color, Bad Color

  1. Your first statement I believe is the main key to why things will not change until this has been truly addressed. Until we start talking about it more and hearing what is said nothing will ever be resolved. Just covered up.
    If we continue to wait until something horrific happens and then act out what is truly been taught here… And then once we get some type of justice we let everything die back down just to let history continue to repeat itself ..

    I believe that we (america) do not really have a conversation outside of what we already know or believe. People are talking to people like themselves and reinforcing what they already believe to be the truth
    It becomes a lost opportunity for learning about races other than our own and teaching others about ours…

    We should already be talking about race before something happens or someone says something stupid or out of place…

  2. There was a very interesting chapter in the book “Nurtureshock” called “why white parents don’t talk about race”. In this chapter, they discuss several studies that were done with firs and third graders. The conclusion being, that somewhere around second grade, children hit a thresh hold of how the perceive other races. It also talks about how just simply providing more diverse environments wont help- kids self segregate. It also talks about how the American value of individualism actually promotes sub grouping and clique formation. This book really sheds light on topics that we do not want to discuss as a community.

    I think the biggest problem is people do not like change. We become so stagnant in our lives that we are pacified with a few token people here and there. Until we start actually addressing these problems in our communities and taking ACTION to change things, then nothing will change. And we will continue to have irrelevant conversations that breed no solution.

  3. @satchamania I will have to go and read that book… will share my thoughts on it later 🙂 thanks for sharing…

  4. It’s very disheartening to witness the lack of progress when it comes to racial ideologies. What amazes me is that something socially constructed can be so deep-rooted and devastating to black communities worldwide. Our minds have been enslaved long past the enslavement of our bodies, and until we take control of our own image, ignorance, self-loathing, and injustice will continue to reign supreme. We have to start with the children of today. Some call it indoctrination, I call it reclamation. We don’t need to teach blame, but rather an understanding of diaspora and cultural relativity, and how “we” have come to be. I don’t understand why children shouldn’t be exposed to critical race theory, and I don’t understand why the fact that the concept of race is man made isn’t taught our youngest leaders. This is not to say that race, today, is unreal and should be changed, or that we should move past a racial society (trust me, I know I will never stop being black), but that our “race” is only a definition of our progress if we continue to allow it to be. The fact that we patronize our youth and brush the issues under the rug are reasons why the cycle of good color/bad color, low self-esteem, and intra-racism is forced to continue.

  5. @ Taj, I agree. We HAVE to fix self before we can command others how to treat us. Simple – right?

    I also agree racial and social thinking skills should be taught in school – but then again there is no science to any of it. So you will still run into a biased form of teaching.

  6. You know what though, there is a science. A science to disprove the construction of race. Perhaps DNA experiments would better argue the point without getting wrapped up in biases? Where students hypothesize about who they think their DNA resembles most? Samples are taken, and usually to the students’ surprise, their DNA is closer to someone outside of their race for various reasons. At a later age, I think teacher bias is critical to pushing students to formulate their own views of the world. But at the developmental age, perhaps the science is all that should be taught.

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