Dynamic Inertia


Umm, this is one of the worst workout schemes I have seen…lol Are you serious!? How many women actually bought this?

Why is our society so lazy? Why is everyone trying to rush? Take your time and do it right!

You cannot cheat your body with some $20 quick fix. Hard work, consistency, and dedication is ALL that is required! “Dynamic inertia” what an oxymoron…WTF?!


6 thoughts on “Dynamic Inertia

  1. We live in an instant gratification society. People will fall for stupid stuff like this because they do not want to put in the hard work that staying in shape takes. The easy way out isn’t always what it is cracked up to be.

  2. @ Satchmania-

    Agreed! And in this case, the easy way out looks like you would possibly have defined arms, but still have flabby tummy and lower body!! Ridiculous!!

  3. SMH… wow, is it really that deep. Unfortunately at some point in our life most of us have lost our common sense even for a mere second and fell prey to one of this insanely ridiculous claims… I remeber wanting a thigh master sooooo bad… lol. Now, Richard Simmons may have been one obnoxious individual, but at least he was keeping in real. 🙂

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