Another dream…

Black space, white square emitting light, with black squiggly symbols on it. I was in front of the white square and asked to see “palamina”?. The white square with the symbols on it opened to my left. Inside was a very bright light, not blinding, but bright enough to not see inside. An ambient voice said “NO” the white square started to close and I shook, moaned in a escalating tone and then woke. No scared feeling.


4 thoughts on “Another dream…

  1. @ energy23, blah blah. Sure we ALL know palamina means big dick, but I sure as hell wasn’t asking a light about its big dick!…lol

    I hope I can find what that word means. Maybe its an ancient language, perhaps I am getting the sound of the word wrong now that I am awake…

    Thanks for all your help…lol

  2. LOL well you were talking about insects a lot yesterday so maybe you were thinking of the Palomina prasina and its multiple partners and the light told you no the palomina only needs one… LOL

    But nah Sometimes your dreams are not as direct as you think they are. May seem it should mean one thing but turns out your subconscious was thinking about something else and integrated two abstract thoughts together… Geek But oh well hopefully someone can help you figure out what it means and disregard my delusional ideas… 🙂

  3. @ energy23, more conjecture from the peanut gallery…lol. I just thinks its amazing how certain details of the dream become the apex of memory. If you look back at others I have had, there are very specific details I remember from each. My deductive reasoning explains to me that it must mean something my dear Watson!

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