Tasered and Choked?!

Ok so since I am on a rant this evening I though I would post this one as well.


So a few things…

1. Three of you, one of him and you STILL taser him? Oh AND each one of you weigh probably twice as much as the boy!
2. Thats the SORRIEST heimlich maneuver I have EVER seen performed!
3. I am sure the cops will not be charged and this incident will be considered procedural. I just wonder when human compassion, good judgement and deductive reasoning will ever play in favor of good ol’ fashion police work
4. Poor boy – very hard to even watch that video knowing he died moments later


4 thoughts on “Tasered and Choked?!

  1. You know, this happens entirely too often for my liking. A taser should only be used when there is immediate danger of harm, and most certainly directly to the chest unless your plan is to KILL! You are absolutely right!! 3 officers and you still can’t handle the guy?? Tasers are a fairly new implementation, officers had been doing relatively fine without them, so in my opinion, perhaps they aren’t capable of doing their jobs!!!!! This actually happened to a student in my last year of undergrad. And guess what? He’s dead, too!!!

    Here’s the story

  2. @ Taj, I am sorry Kevin died basically over bullshit. It seem that human life has no more value than a twitter update.

    I soooo wish all police men had to feel the result of the tools they used. It just may make them think twice about using them…

  3. Yea, me too. I think it’s CRAZY how ignorant are many of the people in charge of running our communities!! There have been too many mistakes, something needs to change immediately!!!

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