Pass the Organ…

I am an organ donor – BUT I want to be a conditional donor. I ONLY want to give my organs to a person that accepts that they have to also donate their/my organs upon their death to someone else.

My goal would be for my organs to pass through as many bodies until ultimate failure. I wish there was a way to track organs in that manner to really calculate the life savings.

Reminds of the movie Seven Pounds…


11 thoughts on “Pass the Organ…

  1. That would be interesting to see how long organs survive outside of their intended hosts when passed multiple times, as well as measuring how long individual organs last in general. Could they ultimately outlast an average life span? I’m wondering if you could initiate said movement? Research the topic, and the ethical standings…Ask a couple doctor friends. Certain organs one could track, but having family and friends tracking if something were to happen, would work as well.

    Speaking of seven pounds, is it really possible to do what he did to some extent?

  2. Interesting thought Dimitri… I donated a kidney to my sister back in 92, however after abt 7 years, it did reject. My sister did receive another transplant and by the grace of God -is doing wonderfully. I believe that due to the health of a transplant recipient and the immuno suppressants rx render their organs nontransplantable – I could be wrong but I do believe that is the case… I would encourage you if you haven’t already to join the National Bone Marrow Registry -due to the low number of minorities registered -the chances of a minority being match for marrow is very low…


  3. @ Taj, I think I will do this. You bring up a good point – “ethics”. I am sure some right winged nutz may think it obsured to track a organ and of course there are privacy implications. Perhaps I start it off with a website that people can simply volunteer the info. As fas as seven pounds, yes it can really happen provided its timed perfeclty and as Donna noted there are no issues with tissue rejection. That movie is based on Shakespeare’s The Merchant Of Venice.

    @ Donna, Ah good points. Forgot about tissue rejection! I will look into that org…

  4. Asked two of my med friends about earlier question, waiting on their responses!

    Meanwhile, I fell upon this interesting article from the Huffington Post! Check it out and share your thoughts!!

    I want to know what besides aiding burn victims do they use the organs for? and this is definitely a question of ethics!

  5. @ Taj, I think its a great article and don’t see ANYTHING wrong with it. Your body is not yours and technically is comprised of material that over 6 billion years old. Its only during your incarnation that one has conciseness. So to think that we reserve some right on “matter reuse” is stupid to me.

    Religion causes sooo many problems! For me personally, take my organs (after I die of course) and burn the rest! My instructions will be to spread my ashes in 7 parts over the 7 seas. My reason is that my request promotes an adventure and world travel for those that spread my ashes not b/c of some bullshit ideology.

  6. @ Dimitri- My concern would be that if a family is expecting the return of a body, eyeballs included, why would there need to be a reason to hide the evidence (sealing the eyelids). They knew what they were doing was not “ethical” which is why they covered up their actions (or at least, tried). Perhaps in reality our bodies don’t belong to us, and will decompose if buried beneath the ground anyway (or above ground in many Jewish traditions), but then to hide or lie about what you are doing? There was an expectation that something else was going to happen with the organs that didn’t happen. To me, that’s the problem.

    And I still want to know what they were using the organs for! Maybe there were preparing some of them for the BODIES exhibit? LOL

  7. @ Taj, I agree and also would not condone the act of “lying”. NO matter what they shouldn’t have lied about it.

    BUT again I say then we should be MADE to give up organs upon death for the furtherance of someone else’s life.

  8. I will say I was surprised when I got my license, I had the option to CHOOSE to be an organ donor! I was like, “WHAT??? OF COURSE!! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THEM?!!” LOL

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