This Will Sting…

Your life is your own fault!


4 thoughts on “This Will Sting…

  1. This will only sting if you haven’t come to accept the fact that you are responsible for everything that has happened to you. Once you can accept that you alone are responsible for where you are today, then you have the freedom to live your life as such. Accepting responsibility for the choices you have made gives you the power over your life. As long as you look to others to blame for your failures or short comings, then they control you.

  2. Why is it that your point seems to be looking at life through a half empty lens? One’s life should be one’s greatest asset, celebration, success or exaltation! Your sentence is very succinct and seems to paint a picture of a life of doom and gloom. Could you elaborate a bit on the impetus for this post?

  3. @ Satch, I agree 100%

    @ Vic, Lol. The statement “seems” that way b/c you read it that way. The statement by no means “paints” a picture of doom and gloom. The word “Fault” is usually confined to a negative result to an event even though it does not. This examplifies my point about things being perceived by the observer contrary to how it actually is. 🙂

    It’s a very simple and objective statement. But lets do this for clarity: “Your life is your own RESPONSIBILITY” 🙂

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