Shoot the Intruder!

Poor woman – what a hell of a situation to be in!! To know that you are about to kill someone, end the life, release their energy and change that wave forever must be a hell of an experience for a sane mind.


9 thoughts on “Shoot the Intruder!

  1. What a horrible position to be in. I feel for that woman. I wonder how her life has changed since then. I can’t imagine the guilt that she must have.

  2. @ Satch, The use of guilt here is not referring to the mere fact of being guilty of something, but it refers to seeing or projecting one’s mistakes, while not knowing what to do about them or refusing to correct them.
    In this definition, guilt is a negative, paralyzing emotion, based on non-acceptance of oneself or the situation, and it leads to depression and frustration rather than change or improvement.

    Guilt is usually a negative focus upon oneself: “I am an evil person. I can’t bear myself. I am unworthy.” While this response may appear in a religious guise, it often turns out to be a form of self-deprecating laziness. This can even lead to self-hatred, and certainly contributes to lack of self-confidence. Instead of recognising that ones actions are incorrect, one gets the feeling as if one is unworthy, as if “I” is intrinsically bad.

    So I guess my question to you is, why feel guilty if killing him wasn’t a mistake?

  3. Well, from the little I heard from the video, this woman didn’t have to shoot this man. I would imagine she would feel guilty because she chose the path of least resistance. Was she legally wrong, no. Morally, now that is a whole nother can of worms. From what I could gather, she shot this man as he was running back out the door. Why shoot him then? I think there were other avenues that she could have explored, but who is to say what other circumstances led her to her decision. I also don’t understand why it took the police so long to get there. I think there were many factors that played into this situation. The man seems mentally disturbed, the police seem ineffective and the woman seems a little trigger happy. A tragic combination when you put them all together.

  4. If someone is breaking into your home, using everything they can find, persistent and violent, what sane person would wait to see what happens next? I imagine she was frightened and obviously alone, so she has probably pondered over and over what she would do if a situation like this ever occurred (reason for shotgun). She obviously feels like a horrible person for taking a life, but ultimately, she was defending her own. I can’t imagine the turmoil she is experiencing, but I can guess that because she would have rather not killed him (had the police arrived), she is pretty upset that she was in a position to make that decision. I believe she will overcome her guilt only when she can realize that any other option could have led to her own death and that the break-in was his own doing. Perhaps she could have asked questions before shooting, shot into the air in hopes that he would flee; but in a situation like this where you are fearful for your life, you are alone, begging for help and no one comes, well then the rest is up to you.


    Do you feel like she was wrong for shooting him? I know you can’t say what you would actually do, but we can each brainstorm what we think we are capable of doing. What would you have done differently?

  5. @ Taj, from the limited information I have of this event, yes I feel she was wrong for shooting him. I believe there were other options available that she did not explore. I understand the man was acting in an irrational matter, but why not fire a few warning shots? If she was so scared, why wait to shoot him until he was retreating?
    If I would have been in this situation, I would like to think that my first reaction would have been to try to communicate with the man. I would have told him, I have a gun and I will shoot you, I would have fired a warning shot. I understand that it is hard to reason with an irrational person, but I would hope that in this situation I would have the wherewithal to explore every option before I CHOSE to take someone’s life.

  6. Interesting banter ladies.

    @ Taj, I am with you being that with fear, limited time and the aggressive nature of his break-in I wold have shot him; to kill though – not sure.

    @ Satch, I am not sure if I would have shot to kill but more than likely I would have. This man was using everything he could have to get in AND he was yelling and talking to her through the glass. His aggressive pursuit and relentless attempt to gain access was in my eyes life threatening.

    All in all there are probably a million ways it could have been different.

  7. I’m grateful for the dialogue because it gives me a chance to weigh my “options” against others’. We can’t ever calculate exactly how we WILL act in a situation similar, but we can prepare in our minds how we HOPE to react. Of course, that plan may change depending on the variables of the situation when it arises, and fear definitely leads to the possibility of abandoning rational behavior. All in all, it gives us a chance to explore the alternatives, and if we haven’t already, up the ante!!!!

  8. @ Dimitri- shooting to kill, I have to play with that one for a minute. I didn’t even consider just injuring the fool…

  9. @ Taj, lol!! Well for me in my rational state I would probably shoot his knee cap – so that he could live and limp to remember to never disrespect me and I don’t want to be the one to take his life as its not mine to take however the aggressive primal side of me says to kill him because he violated my home, my wive(s) and my babies – thats a no go!

    So I agree, that at least we have had this time to give it thought…you never know…

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