No Eyes, No Problems!

I wonder if humans didn’t have eyes or had very low ocular vision how much better life would be. Most of our perception is based on what we visually observe. If that were removed would racism still exist? Would greed still exist? Would we still lie? Would we still steal?

At a quick glance, my answers to the above are “no”. If humans couldn’t see, such civil and moral issues wouldn’t matter. No more plastic surgery, no more strip clubs, no more uniforms, no more dress code, no more greed!

If we were all forced to use the minds eye I think we’d be more in touch with our higher level of consciousness and a realm of peace would be bestowed upon the human race.

Check out this movie trailer, I saw this last year and my entry reminded me of it.



11 thoughts on “No Eyes, No Problems!

  1. This post is interesting in that we base most of our judgment on what can see. The thought of sight eliminating such hierarchies as racism and the perception of beauty is wonderful, but according to the imagination of the creator of the film Blindness, violence would still exist because power struggles would continue take place. I’m trying to imagine a world without conflict, but I’m not sure if there would be much purpose…

    I also bring up the imagination of the filmmaker because movies such as this one and I Am Legend for example, may be science fiction, but they are based on some historical event or prophesy with a modern twist. What scares me about your post is not so much the fact of losing one sense such as sight (while the others have the potential to be heightened)…These movies are not being created because it’s a horrifying fantasy of someone’s mind, but perhaps because we are overdue for a pandemic infirmity so there’s an obsession with the idea…

    It would be wonderful if H1N1 was the malady and we’ve already experienced the worst!

  2. Interesting reply. I agree that there would be “some” level of social disorder however, with everyone on the same level it would be hard to maintain “control”.

    I will add that I was thinking of humans having NEVER been born with eyes…

  3. Ah, got ya, not a worldwide outbreak and panic. Populations born without sight would be a separate reality…

  4. D, I understand the premise of your logic, however, if humans were born without sight, then having never known the outcomes and results of this sense, there would be no adaptation necessary to compensate. The other senses would, naturally, compensate and heighten awareness in their roles and responsibilities to guide normalcy as known in their ‘reality’.

    For example, babies born without sight, without hearing or limbs, compensate and move through life accomplishing more, many times, than individuals with optimal functionality. We can’t say that if we remove any one sense / functionality from the world, that we remove barriers commonly associated with. I think, rather, we’d find a way to compensate and while the prejudices and challenges may not be the same, others would simply take the place. Sight is the easiest and most expeditiously used sense in that I can quickly assess through sight than to take the time to taste, touch, smell, many times.

    Perhaps I can’t see you but I can resent you by touching and realizing your ass, or face or curves or muscles, etc, are more pronounced than mine…or by smelling your scent and ascertaining differences there. obviously, i’m being somewhat facetious in my simplicity of bias and conflict, but I believe we simplify the complexity of prejudice, beauty and jealously by rationalizing it to any one sense.

  5. @ Vic, Ass and muscles huh? lol I understand what your saying, I guess I was trying to emphasize that the lack of physical senses would allow and provide humans a better spring board for using the minds eye instead…

  6. LOL…..knew that would get your attention!!!

    I understand exactly what you’re saying, D….I disagree, and simply chose a very basic concept to exemplify the path ‘normal’ folk would travel. Think about the conversation this weekend about the mother with no arms who cares for her child with her feet (I know…all those germs, ugggh!!!), or the woman who is deaf and can’t hear the music, she feels the vibrations and is able to intricately follow her partner. These are simple examples of loss that is overcome and compensated for. This doesn’t remove the basic principles of survival, self image, greed, lust, bias, jealously, etc…I may be wrong, just my opinion…

  7. @ Vic, eh I think your generalizing. My post was specific to humans losing/not having sight, not other senses.

    if SIGHT was lost the social termites that use ocular perception to “work” would be gone is my point. Your above examples have nothing to with how humans would react it the sense of sight was lost…

  8. You miss my point…it has nothing to do w/ one sight over the other. Your examples of issues that you assume would go away are not problems specific to sight. Yes, they may be perpetuated by sight, but are not isolated to that sense. Jealously and greed, for example, have a lot to do with self image and what’s within us. If you remove sight, that might change for a short period, but would not ultimately change. Sight provides the easiest path but not the only,. Human nature will always find a way to manipulate to self serving purposes.

    I’ll leave you to your beliefs, and respect your opinion….I have mine!

  9. @ Vic, Um ok, can you please give an example of how one can have self “IMAGE” and not have sight? How one can be greedy about things they cannot see?

  10. That’s what I attempted to do in earlier convos, D….self image is how we perceive ourselves, not just appearance, and is somewhat through the perspective of others — physical features that are not as easily changed, as well as learned perceptions…it’s easiest defined as to what we believe others think of us….

    Below are a few examples:

    ~ Two individuals stand, side by side, before multiple audiences over a one year period to deliver an oral presentation of their understanding of a particular concept. One of the individuals has a raspy voice that is hard to understand, stammers through what he is trying to articulate, and repeatedly isn’t able to convince the audience he knows much about the topic. The other is well spoken, articulate and gets his point across time after time with a smooth and pleasant voice. A slam dunk on enthusiasm and buy-in by the audience.. The first, repeatedly is not well received and boo-ed by the audience. Both are presenting from behind a screen and are never seen by their audience, or one another and unknown to the audience. Sight isn’t required, yet the first will, over time, develop a negative self image from the experience of being rejected by peers.

    ~ Five men stand before a room filled with women and men. All parties are blind-folded and have never seen the others and have never met. Perhaps they are without clothing. The women are asked to rank the men in the order they would like to ‘date’ and get to know. All senses, except sight, may be used to select and rank the men….at the end of the event self image is, typically, impacted. Particularly if repeated over time and the results are the same….the man not selected and/or always last will develop a mental picture, a self image, based on the behaviors / perceptions of others.

    ~ Three contestants enter a chili cookoff…never see one another, but travel state to state. One repeatedly ranks third….taste and smell drive the decision and judges comments are harsh. There is a $10,000 prize affixed to each competition. I’m jealous and greedy that you always win and I lose. I don’t have to see you for that….My self image is impacted by the repeated reaction and rejedtion.

    I may never see the competition (if you will) but I will be jealous, greedy to have what you have and I don’t as heard, touched smelled or tasted….

    Does that make sense?

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