Your Moms Education!

Wow – and she is SO serious!!!


7 thoughts on “Your Moms Education!

  1. I was going to ask is there anything this woman has not done, but the she answered the question. Porn… This is disturbing not because of what she’s saying, but because of her outfit and her dance moves. You would think she would at LEAST get presentable for the camera!!!

  2. hahaha!!! That’s too much even for a sexpert!!! Umm, I could only figure out places for 6 people…I don’t know if I want to know…

  3. Tell me about it! I’m concerned for her daughter (I’m assuming the one helping her with her webcam or forum or whatever the what she was doing). I’m hoping that she was not a child, but it terrifies me because the room resembled that of a minor, ugh!!!

  4. Whoa!!..I saw this and almost lost my appetite for the week. But still finding myself trying to find 7 places..Maybe I will find out when I grow up..then again maybe I dont want to know 😕

  5. @ v20, yea SEVEN places? And she have the nerve to look in the camera like we are stupid for not knowing “her” seven special places…lol

    Hell, when her daughter was like I know 5 – I as a grown ass man had to stop and think: 1, 2, 3……OH yea left & right hands (4 and 5)!

    Perhaps she has a core set of places and has improvised the last 2… Oh what a treat!

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