Rejection is Good…

There are only two reasons by which something is rejected. It happens when something is not good enough for others, or it happens when something is too good for them. It is the law of attraction that governs whether something is accepted or rejected. For something to be accepted by another, it has to be in vibrational harmony with it. Otherwise it will be rejected. That which rejects you is rejected by you. Conscious dissonance creates rejection. Therefore rejection is really a good thing when it happens.

It is conscious resonance that determines harmony or conflict. When two people have similar consciousness, that’s when they harmonize with each other. When they have opposing consciousness, there will be conflict in their interaction. Rejection helps you to discover who does not vibrate at the same frequency as you, and therefore it lets you know whom not to waste your energy and resources with. By following the way of the universe, you’ll act wisely and give yourself only to those who’re truly worthy.

Value has to be perceived and appreciated in order to be embraced. You may possess great value and precious resources, but if others do not see it, then they cannot access it. When they reject you, they do not receive the gift that you have to offer to them. In order for people to be ready and suitable to experience the value that you are, they must have the capacity to perceive it. You should not cast pearls before swine as it is an unwise way to handle precious wisdom. There must be a receiver for a giver.

Birds of the same feather flock together. Chickens and eagles do not mix as they exist at very different levels. If you want to be one, you have to reject and be rejected by the other. It is those that are unwilling to be rejected that cause themselves to remain where they are. Losers vibrate at the same frequency and so do winners. The higher you go on your own path of self development, the more you will find yourself becoming not of the same frequency with others who are not with you and be rejected by them.

Rejection is simply the refinement of ones self.


11 thoughts on “Rejection is Good…

  1. @ TK, regardless as to the reason for one rejection – its for the betterment of you. If a female dumps you because you don’t have big muscles, what does it matter when its clear that her needs/wants aligned with what you have?

    In that case its better to aren’t leave her be.

  2. It’s sad when it takes a two-by-four before some realize what is most obvious to others. As well, it can be painful when someone’s capacity to accept what is given is overestimated, or the individual presents strong and fizzles out.

    Finding balance within the path ‘out’ does, at times, require finesse…especially when the stakes are high.

  3. @ Vic, hmmm. I think that regardless to what the “other” person does its up to the rejectee to knows ones self.

    Regardless as to what’s “obvious” to others is moot as is the rejectors “estimation” to what the rejectee can handle.

    I do agree 100% that there has to be a level of finesse however, even the last step has distance to the bottom.

  4. I concur the rejectee should know ‘self’, however, it takes experiences with different ‘rejectors’ to build a repertoire from which to pull / compare. The point I was trying to make is that along the way, some rejectees don’t know themselves at all and miss the obvious cues from the rejector within the process. Further, there are those rejectors that make a game of hooking / rejecting and for those who assume integrity it, too, is a growth lesson in better reading ‘vibrations’ and not giving too much, too soon.

    The one thing of which we do agree, 100%, is that rejection makes us stronger…the trick in not allowing it to make you callous to future ‘vibrations’…

  5. So when rejected/ing (let’s say, in friendships) persistence is unnecessary or unwise? Perseverance is actually a hindrance to personal growth? Or is there a gray area depending on the varying levels at which the friends are existing? I’m just trying to understand if walking away when rejected is always the best answer, or is attempting to hold on okay, too (depending on the amount of damage at stake to either person involved). To anyone: What are your thoughts?

  6. @ Vic, good tie into “vibrations”. I am writing a post on such – coming soon.

    @ Taj, good questions!! I think the first part of this is to first understand if one is truly rejecting “you” or simply turned off by your “action”. Big difference. Once that is determined its easier to plan accordingly.

    Secondly, rejection is all about timing. For example, you may have said “no” to the boy that asked you out in the 8th grade, but in college his persistence to ask again and your growth has allowed you to say “yes” this time. All in all, it just depends on the type of rejection and supporting factors. Make sense?

  7. Taj, There’s are times when there is a fine line between sound judgment (in which case perseverance is warranted but still may not always render results sought) and stupidity (in which case you just need to lick your wounds and find the learning to be had for personal growth). Experience, a level head and intuition are great tools in weighing the difference. The one, and only, person in every experience you can control is yourself.

  8. @ Dimitri- Perhaps there is a better category in which to place this article:

    What If Black Women Were White Women? (Things That Make You Go Hmm…)

    But I figured rejection would be an interesting topic to put it under (you’ll understand why once you read). In this article, I wanted to be the white woman because in reality that’s who I am! But is this a twisted mentality??? Shouldn’t I desire to be black?? Do share your thoughts! Anyone!

    (and to clarify, I am racially and culturally black. I think.)

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