Why do People Break Rules?

This is a topic I have been thinking over for some time. It is disheartening to see that breaking rule is becoming a norm across our society. We dont need anybody’s statement to testify this as we see it all around us.

So for sake of understanding why laws or rules are brought into place, let me explain. A rule is an attempt to make the playing field level. It identifies a set of criteria based on which decisions will be taken in a system. Forming a queue is the simplest form of rule. It identifies first come first serve basis for serving a person, no parking zones are meant to be kept free for free traffic flow so on an so forth. Becauase rules are more like cartels. The member who deviates has an incentive to do so than what he would achieve by staying in the cartel.

But for me, who governs the cartel? Are the cartels truly fair and equal or geared more toward their own initiatives? Do members break rules for self gain? Because of the “rush”? Because of need? Because of the calculation of benefit vs consequence?

Is a homeless man breaking into a boarded up home to get warm still considered breaking a rule? What if it was his old house and was put out b/c the landlord didn’t pay mortgage – who has to pay the price for that rule being broken? Is it the homeless mans fault?

To me, I think rues can be amended and/or broken. Humans are dynamic and unique – rules often do not allow for said growth and cause more problems then they “fix”.


2 thoughts on “Why do People Break Rules?

  1. “Humans are dynamic and unique — rules often do not allow for said growth and cause more problems than they fix” In theory, it sounds great, but not sure I can support that 100%.

    I don’t agree all rules are without need / purpose and cause more problems than they fix. Mainly because not all people have the process thinking skills, values and understanding to navigate in co-existence without rules. Think about some people you’ve encountered who are just plain nuts! They don’t have the wherewithal to move through life without someone or some rule forcing their hand. There are those who navigate the road, for example, quite well and can safely drive at a higher speed while there are those who shouldn’t be on the road at all. We could go on and on…

    I do agree there needs to be latitude in interpretation — it’s not a one size fits all in every circumstance.

  2. @ Vic, Good point about rules for those that don’t have a full deck…lol

    Yea all in all rules are fine, but they should as you stated include a level of flexibility and I think that rules should be enforced and governed by a diverse cross section of peoples.

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