What if Time itself is actually God?

All things happen according to the dictates of Time;
Both good and bad depend on Time;
Prosperity and poverty likewise depend on Time;
Time is the determinant of all things,
There is none who is not subject to Time
In this entire world; that’s the Truth.

Think about it: We say that our universe/planet was created from the big bang or something similar. In my opinion, to think everything started from a singularity and expanded outward is almost asinine. How can the very reference of all things fundamental to the universe (our planet, our sun, our heads, our hearts, our atoms, our molecules – all being circles) be something as linear as the big bang? The big bang is predicated on matter flying out of a singularity in straight lines to some distant point by the virtue of inertia.

This would suggest, that contradictory to ALL things fundamentally being a circle, time moves in a straight line! Impossible! – So much so that even the measuring devices we use to observe time are round! Other asinine theories are family tress, and evolutionary trees. These theories are humans futile interpretation of a linear system and are drawn as straight lines and branches. Look, life and its cycle resembles a spiral or double helix like DNA. Our family trees and evolutionary trees should be drawn as a double helix – but thats another entry…

Alpha and Omega is an oxymoron when in reality there is no “end”. For example, physically our bodies are billions of years old because our bodies came from the same matter that has existed within this universe. Our matter has been used and reused over and over again. Time its self is cyclical – not linear.

In addition “something” had to exist outside of the big bang or rather “in front” of space. Time is the only thing that can do that.

Time governs all movement, its the only unit of measure that its contents cannot be saved, stored, or seen and in effect changes relative to the observer. ALL other content forms within our universe have a unit of measure and can be stored, saved or seen.

Nothing can circumvent Times circumstances. Our very lives are governed by Time and its subtle cliches: “Time heals all”, “only Time will tell”, “Take your Time”, “a lie can never withstand the test of Time”…etc

Time only matters and only varies to the observer. For example, if you are at a stop light and you hear/see an ambulance go by, the sirens pitch, tone and tempo changes however, to the driver of the ambulance the pitch, tone and tempo never change the stay the same. This proves that Time is different and specific to the observer…

Lastly, if Time “stopped” every principle that governs any aspect of our universe would simply collapse. Without Time – nothing could exist. If Time itself didn’t exist everything would happen all at once. Time is the graduation span of events that have happened, are happening and have yet to happen. The universe can exist without a lot of things, water, plants, gravity etc…but its impossible for the universe and its contents to exist without Time.

But hey what do I know? What does anyone know for that matter? Food for thought…


12 thoughts on “What if Time itself is actually God?

  1. This is an interesting way of thinking about our universe. Everything is relative to time. Time is our most precious commodity. How very interesting to put it in terms like you have.

  2. Hmmm! Interesting! You have several implications woven throughout this post, D:

    1.) Big Bang Theory as explanation for creation of our universe

    2.) Existence of matter within cyclical-ness (check Webster’s) of time

    3.) Time as a singular force within our universe

    4.) Time = God

    Not exactly sure which pieces you’re intentionally throwing out for banter, so I’ll begin with the implications surrounding ‘time’.

    You state that the universe cannot exist without time. I have to contend that to say that time without other stimuli means nothing. The definition of time is dictated by this external matter. Time in and of itself does not change without influences and/or environmental cause. The ‘all’ of nature is what brings about change. Let’s look at your ambulance example.

    You state that to the ambulance driver the pitch, tone and tempo changes to the observer but not the driver. I contend that to say they change ‘differently’ to each based upon environmental influences and proximity to each within the environment. Those sounds exist within the ‘environment’ specific to each. To the observer they are influenced by distance from the ambulance and other conditions relative thereto. The same with the driver. As those ‘sounds’ interface with other environmental conditions they will change. For example, is the window up or down in the ambulance, and does that change as the driver passes through time. The cycle of time assumes other matter exists and it is these other elements that interplay with the sounds.

    Your last paragraph is contradictory — first, you state that if time stopped nothing would exist. In the next sentence you go on to state that everything would happen at once. This implies some element of time — as perceived by external stimuli.

    I understand that you are looking at time as the structure from which all else exists / occurs. I agree with that to a degree, however suggest that time is influenced by other stimuli / and matter, and is perceived differently within each condition. It is, after all, only our own consciousness that differentiates the past, present and future. Your argument suggests that time could exist in singularity, but then what would change? There has to be other matter for change to occur. So, where to begin….time or some form of matter?

  3. I think it’s compelling that something that happens everyday in a reoccurring sequence, uninterrupted, repetitively two instances at exactly the same point daily like seconds, minutes, and hours has the potential to be completely different, contrasting, and even unfamiliar. You get a second chance at life each day, and each day you have the opportunity to start over at exactly the same time, and yet some of us do not or rather, choose not to, and therefore lead boring, mundane lives, complaining about how there is never enough time…

  4. @ Victoria:

    1. Your contention is not relevant to logic at all. The definition of Time is NOT dictated by “external factors”. External factors don’t dictate time, time dictates the external factors. ANY mathematical equation you have used has always been X over Time because Time is the constant. Besides what’s an “external factor” in this universe?

    2. Time and stimuli? Not even sure where to begin on this one…

    3. I can’t make sense of your contention to the ambulance and sound theory at all being that its proven. Its called the Doppler Shift. There are no environmental influences that alter the Doppler Shift. Check it out, this is moot.

    I guess before I am respond intelligently I need to understand the basis of your contentions. All of the items I referenced in my entry are proven scientific facts via experiments and documentation – how you can contend that is interesting. The only “out of box” application is my alignment with Time to God and how that could be “true”.

    So if we want to banter that theory, I am all game, otherwise there is no need to respond to your contentions as they have no factual merit and scientifically, are not subjective.

  5. @ Taj:

    Very true. But again Time is relative to the observer so running out of it is subjective and would only be relative if time were quantifiable.

  6. Dimitri, you need to open your mind to think about what you are saying aligned with the points I make. I’m not finished but am stepping back to reflect a bit more before approaching your perception.

  7. @ Vic:

    My mind is always open but also am interested in bantering about subjective things not objective, proven items. As such prohibit any room for “perception” or banter by the very nature of their proof. I responded to your points as you articulated them – my response wasn’t a matter of perception or subjectiveness. All objective.

  8. is time not quantifiable? Once time has passed, it is true that we cannot retrieve or change it, but it is most certainly measurable under the assumption that time will continue. What we do with time is relative, but until time stands still, there is always the potential to compute it… But I am no expert. I still struggle with the theory or practice of carbon dating…

  9. @ Taj:

    Yes its quantifiable but only in retrospect and not going forward. We can only quantify our pasts – not our future. We can only say time has run out when the moment of “now” is taking place.

  10. @ Dimitri

    First things first – it’s about time you get back to actually updating this blog… now on to the banter:

    I have to agree with the majority of your contentions – but I do take issue with a few points:

    1.) Everything is a circle? I don’t think it is quite that simplistic. While there are many things in nature that take this shape (a phenomenon in its own right) – many other are not a perfect circle. In fact, our own universe is elliptical in nature. Circular in nature, yes, but not a circle.

    2.) Your entire conception of time is very interesting but I think it could use a bit of expansion. Our universe is constantly expanding outward. That essential fact means that, although we cannot actually perceive any difference – time relative to our position is expanding.

    Your assumption that the Big Bang and the concept of singularity as “asinine” is a bit terse. I’m not saying that it is 100% fact, but but is the best scientific theory we yet have – and the fact that our universe is expanding at an ever quickening pace is further evidence of this singularity based beginning. Many also contend that time is not infinite – but rather that there is a point within the expansion of space time where it will reach a breaking point and collapse in on itself.

    Now, how does any of this tie in to the original argument? If you contend that Time could conceivably be “god” (not wholly impossible) then is it not also feasible that time and space itself is on repeating cycle of destruction and creation? What if the universe that we know came into being by the shear force of the last cycle collapsing in on itself?

    Maybe we all have our own perception of time – but that very perception is constantly changing outside of our ability to effectively perceive it. That basic fact is that there are many things about time that we have no way to actually measure. We only have theoretical motifs that help shape how we view it – which in many ways is exactly the same thing that organized religion does, albeit it in a much more deliberate process.

    So yes – Time could very well be “god” – but we have to constantly check our assumptions at the door when referencing the often vague construct that is time.

  11. @ AJ,

    To your # 1. – Eh, not gonna bater semantics. Circles, and elliptical shapes are one in the same. The point is that all things are of a cyclical nature not a linear one.

    Terse?! lol…I don’t contend the universe is expanding, but I think it doing so in a circular (elliptical) motion not a linear one.

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