Child Murder, Adult Punishment

A young Bronx mom was arrested Tuesday night for slugging her baby boy in the head – a blow that killed him, police said.

Na-aisha Riley, 21, allegedly punched her 7-month-old infant, Cashmere Obama Randall, with such force that it caused the baby to hemorrhage in the brain, officials said. He died Monday afternoon after cops found him at her boyfriend’s Bronx home, unresponsive and unconscious.
“She just lost it,” said a police source.

The medical examiner ruled Tuesday that Cashmere died of whiplash and shaking and blunt trauma to the head, a spokeswoman said.

Riley confessed yesterday to punching her 18 1/2-pound, 27-inch long baby, police sources said. She was charged with second-degree murder and assault.

Riley’s mother, Toinette Knight-Riley, said she doesn’t believe her daughter could have killed the boy, known as Obama because he was born on the day President Obama was elected…

Such a sad story – an innocent life will never see its potential. So I say this for those that defy children:

* If you molest a child – you should be blinded. If you cannot see, you shant be tempted. No point in cutting off genitalia b/c thats not the origin of molestation – its in the mind.

* If your a woman and take a child’s life, you should be forced to give birth in a controlled environment. 5 babies birthed for every 1 taken.

* If you are a man and take a child’s life, your right to make a child should be taken. Off with your dick sir…

* And finally for child neglect. If you neglect your child in anyway, then you shall be forced to care for homeless/needy children. For any child that you don’t care for at that point, you will lose 1 finger per instance via a pirana tank. You got 20 chances to make this work…


5 thoughts on “Child Murder, Adult Punishment

  1. Tragic story. As much as I would love to agree with your solutions Dimitri, I don’t.

    When it comes to child rape or molestation, I think pedophiles should be sent to a facility to live for the rest of their lives. You can not change who or what you are attracted to.

    As far as child neglect or any other form of abuse, you can get into so many gray areas. There are certainly levels of abuse and I don’t think that you can put a blanket punishment out there for this entire category.
    The mom that left her kid in the car, that was locked and 5 feet away, so she could help her other daughters put change in the Salvation Army bucket was charged with neglect. Should she receive the same punishment as the mom that starves her kid and doesn’t send them to school?
    I still don’t understand why we don’t have mandatory parenting classes.

  2. Satch,

    Very good points! Mind you I was being factious and do very well understand that nothing is absolute.

    i agree that parenting classes would be good but then as you indicated, at what point do even the classes fall short of “good parenting”? Hell, imagine if some of our parenting classes were like some of the nations elementary schools…then who is to blame? Parent or teacher?

  3. Dimitri,

    While parenting classes wouldn’t solve every problem, I do believe it would help solve some of them. The frustration levels that you can reach as a parent are frightening. Not knowing how to deal with that frustration is the beginning of a cycle of abuse. It is the classic talk, persuade, argue, yell, hit scenario.
    Even if classes weren’t mandatory, if they were simply more available, I wonder what kind of impact that would have on our kids today.

  4. this incident happened locally and recently enough to throw a bit of a shock thats still resonating throughout the community:

    the girl lost her baby brother and almost her own life as result of a brutally disturbed mother. its a cinch to convict the mother if indeed she threw her kids off the bridge – but how do we convict the girl, if she grows up to become a neglecting mother? in that respect, how do we convict the mother if she has dealt with similar events throughout her life? ultimately then, does she “pass” our scewed-up pragmatic system on how the rest of her life is dictated?

    my initial reaction is to maim the aggressor in whatever way or form so that society can recognize them as a convict from the way they are walking, or hobbling down the street (depending on their punishment). then i woke up and realized that life isn’t a game, and that is a harsh reality for most all of us, since we are rather game-minded. we have the majority of the population agreeing that our forms of punishment are suitable, but so many of these “solutions” don’t actually solve anything. i admit i don’t have an answer, but at the same time am saying that our solutions aren’t an answer either – they’re outdated and dilapitated.

  5. Myrant,

    Thank you for your comment and sharing. Your point are very valid. This is a very hard “problem” to solve. Where to begin and how to get started – those are the biggest hurtles.

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