Hoodrat stuff?

This news is old but still blog worthy!

This all started because the grandmother told the her grandson that he couldn’t order chicken wings. He ordered them anyway and so there the event commenced…

Follow up video…


4 thoughts on “Hoodrat stuff?

  1. The old apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…Grandma said it well. This boy is ‘big’ for 7 years of age and could do some damage to his Grandmother. He needs a major attitude adjustment…question is, who to give it to him!!

  2. LMAO!!! Am betting, D, that an IEP is on the ‘to do’ list following the psych eval to be had….unfortunately, there is not a designation for ‘bad ass’ kid…

    Jada, that’s only because you, nor I, have to share space with this kid…if we did, laughter would be overcome by his pleading for mercy! This is one bad ass kid, but the onus of responsibility lies, in part, with the adults who allowed it to get to this point. Don’t get me started on those who lie down and create children and then step away in the role of parenting….

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