Bad Judgement?…No, Racism!

The media and its ownership by the dominant culture STILL will never admit the core issues.

Why the HELL would police pull over an EMT? um because he was committing a moving violation? No ladies and gentleman, its racism at its finest. A white cop choking a black man while wearing a “can’t touch me suit” – must be empowering huh?!

Embedded video from CNN Video



9 thoughts on “Bad Judgement?…No, Racism!

  1. As a rational person, when you view this video, you can only wonder how any human can react as this asshole officer did…its just wrong on so many levels. You just can’t rationally fathom.

    There are two types of people in this world…those who are part of the problem and those part of the solution. As those part of the solution, there needs to be a plan forward…

  2. Point taken – however my concern is just as you exemplified; that no one wants to call the “problem” what it is. Its “racism”. For those that have to face racism every day its much more than a “problem” and almost and insult to classify it as such.

    Those who don’t have to live it can do that easily.

    Problems are objective, racism is not objective but rather subjective. Problems are universal in theme and not subjective to view point. (i.e. math, science, ecology).

    In addition racism is a practiced style of life, thus not a problem for those that live it.

    My last point: when you say “As a rational person, when you view this video, you can only wonder how any human can react…” it again to me, is a slap in the face. To look at this as how can “humans” react this way takes away the personal affect this has.

    This my friend, is a black and white thing waaaay before its a human one… As an afro-cuban man, when I look at this video, I don’t see one human violating another humans rights, I see a White man with his hands around a Black mans throat exuding and abusing the self proclaimed power he gave himself.

  3. Your perspective is narrow, and a slap in the face. YOU are attempting to classify my comments as though you spoke. I fully realize the problem, Dimitri, and as you had so clearly articulated it, and I aligned, didn’t see the need to restate. But as you wish. It is a black and white thing, however, in my opinion, slewing accusations of thought doesn’t get at a plan of action forward.

  4. No Victoria, I don’t classify your comments, I simply read what was wrote. If you were trying to imply something other than stated, trying being more definitive. In topics of serious problems, reading between the lines, assumed introspect, and ambiguity solve nothing. My perspective is far from narrow. My perspective is one of 2 things:

    1. from directly experiencing racism time and time again. Inherent to my skin tone

    2. white people acting like we can simply make a plan to “move fwd”. You must first acknowledge that it exists and face it head on, THEN plan. My entire point is that whites are not facing it head on – if so then this wouldn’t happen. There would be systems in place to “fix” such obstructions. For example, 98% of state and fed government is made up of whites. In effect, whites have “control”…so whites are the ones that must fix. Again the ones lies with those that have control. As you can see, when “we” try to fix we are punished and locked up for BULLSHIT. I just wish whites (being their culture) would take some damn responsibility for one another. The same forced responsibility that blacks have to take for one another based on the fact of simply being black.

    Hell, if 98% of legislature weren’t white there MAY be a chance to fix. This “problem” systemically has to observed and fixed from within the culture that administers such.

    “Blacks” only make up 13% of the US population…go figure… This is not a matter of opinion or perspective, its a matter of fact.

    This very discussion also demonstrates the difficulties in express the inequities between the races and each understanding thereof. Kind of like trying to explain to the mechanic what noise your car is making or to the doc about what the pain feels like…

  5. I continue to disagree with you, Dimitri. You may have well read what was written, but your response evokes interpretation. Much of what you say I do not contend and support, however, there is a goodly amount that perpetuates your very argument.
    I could site examples of misalignment of perspective but it would land on deaf ears, very similar to a conversation had in a business meeting earlier this week. This is most definitely a discussion to be continued face to face so when immediate misunderstanding of context exists, clarity can begin.

  6. If its a matter of perspective then there can be no misalignment – its PERSPECTIVE from the observers position. My aforementioned points are not arguable b/c they are from a perspective you can/will never be able to experience – period.

    What is there to contend? In addition ALL items listed above are FACT, you can google them – no perspective there – care to “contend” that as well…?

  7. It’s pretty apparent on this topic there is no room for intelligent, open discussion with you….a shame. I’ll acquiesce to your position and move forward in my own effort to impact change.

  8. Just for the record, you misread my statement. What I said was…”much of what you say I do not contend and I do support”….

  9. I am insulted by the commentary and attitude of the reporters. “It’s okay to do things in life, just be careful when you do them”? Are you serious? He actually said that – when is it ever okay to pull over and try to arrest an EMT with a patient? When it okay? When there are no cameras around? Consistently, throughout this video, they try to somehow justify the actions of the officers. No mention at all of the way the officer put his hands around this man’s throat? Are we serious? I almost have no words…

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