To be irreplaceable, you must be different.


5 thoughts on “Value

  1. Unique factor is important, but so, too, is fit. To be irreplacable, the individual must also feel an alignment with needs and circumstance.

  2. Your thought above simply states that to be irreplaceable, an individual must be different. While I don’t contend that sentiment, I further offer that to be irreplaceable also necessitates a fit within the situation. For example, the super human stunt man you shared above is very much different and unique, however, within my ‘world’ he would, indeed, be replaceable as he doesn’t ‘fit’ within the world I operate. Perhaps at some point he might, but now, not so much.

    I further realize my interpretation and fodder expands within a tangent probably not ‘needed’ but as my mind, of late, is on building a legacy / empire, all sides must be examined and considered, weighed, balanced and valued.

  3. He fits in my world, global, not world, business, at the moment. Emphasis is on ‘at the moment’….but merely until the path is developed.

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