Drake Equation – More life than you think

There is no hard scientific evidence that intelligent life exists anywhere beyond Earth, yet when asked if there’s anyone else out there, most people have a strong opinion one way or the other. When astronomers answer the question—typically in the affirmative—they are playing a numbers game. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies, each bearing hundreds of billions of stars and perhaps billions of planets, so even if intelligent life is rare, we can’t be completely alone, the argument often goes.

Very interesting equaition…


The Drake Equation, named after its creator, radio astronomer Frank Drake, is an attempt to frame the question scientifically by assigning a value to all the relevant terms, from the number of stars born each year in our galaxy to the number of stars with planets, and so on.


2 thoughts on “Drake Equation – More life than you think

  1. Fascinating to ponder, isn’t it! Interesting to also factor in is the paradox that exists when one looks at the lack of evidence of other life forms and the indication then, perhaps, of non-existence or of the short period of existence of other life forms. As well, within the theory, one should also give thought to the re-occurrence or reappearance factor of intelligent life on planets. How does this impact? Exobiology within the universe is complex and fascinating. To think we hold exclusive rights, in my opinion….asinine.

  2. I think that us as humans have a very boxed opinion of what life is, we tend to think of it only in terms of what could live/thrive/survive on Earth… It’s very arrogant, especially when they say “intelligent life”; what is this “intelligence” based of? I like to think that each galaxy, and the planets and systems within them, support something unique to that planet or system.

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