Talent is Desire

Interesting concept. Personally I am not sure I totally agree with it. Its noted below that talent is not some “skill set” set you are born with but rather the “desire” to excel in that given area. My view point contends the video below. In my eyes desire is learned and talent is given.

I also believe that we have all of the power need to create and realize our own realities.

What do you think?

Embedded video from CNN Video


2 thoughts on “Talent is Desire

  1. I would concur…talent is an elusive concept and lacks specificity. Most quote, unquote, normal folks have difficulty grasping and within the self application.

    Talent is about how we’re hard-wired. It isn’t the same as learned behavior, rather how we intuitively relate to our ‘world’, almost moment by moment. Learned behavior requires cognitive processing.

    Now, while I do beg to differ with Gladwell’s spin on this and alignment with culture, I do find his work brilliant. Have been meaning to get his most recent book, Outliers, but have read the other two — Blink and The Tipping Point. Very quick reads, but awesome! If you haven’t read, you simply must!!

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