Why Get Married?!

With casual sex so available, it’s amazing that so many people still flock to marriage, and then end up cheating later. I suppose people either just don’t know what they really want, or they’re to ashamed to admit it to themselves, as such “real” desires so often fly in the face of established practices and tradition.

It appears that a relationship is used as insulated protection. It keeps us from being an “I” or “Me” or the dreaded “Single” in a land where being together is cheaper than being single.


3 thoughts on “Why Get Married?!

  1. For those people who get married for casual sex you might as well stay single. And for those people who think marriage is about sex, please don’t get married because your just being tricked. Marriages are about much more than the physical. It also involves the mental and the most important to some… the moral.

    Love, sex, money, children, and happiness are all possible by-products of a great marriage. The successful ones are open, honest, and full-filling. Why am I choosing to be married a second time around when I am a well to do young man who makes six figures and has no children? Well because all i really want in life is to be in the company of someone who knows my heart and has my intrests in forethought. Flings? yah I can have those… and they will be just a memory of the past once it’s over. That one person who understands my heart will always be there and I am happy to share my life with that person.

    Could that be 2 people? Now polygamy is not out of the question…

  2. Although, being “together” is cheaper financially, it is not cheaper emotionally. Being in a marriage or relationship requires self sacrifice. I do not mind being single. It gives me the freedom to make plans without having to consult someone else. I can do whatever I please and not have to think about how it will impact my partner.
    Marriage is a good thing, if that is what you are looking for. But so many people get married without having a real foundation to base it on. They don’t discuss or plan finances, raising children, goals for their marriage, sex or the many other things that having a successful marriage requires. They go off of the “feelings” they have for each other and completely ignore the reality aspects of it. The honeymoon only lasts so long.

  3. Unfortunately, marriage provides comfort within the normalcy of societal expectation. Too many folks feel the need to comform and do their thing(s) when they think no one is watching.

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