Exopolitics – are very real?

Recent news that NASA is ready to launch the Kepler spacecraft primed with a powerful telescope capable of detecting earth-like planets outside the solar system validate the suspicion that man is not alone in the universe. The cost for the project is close to $6 million, a price that one hopes would not be squandered on mere fantasy.

The truth is that what was once fantasy is fast becoming reality. Humanity is on the cusp of a new vision encapsulated by the neologism created specifically for the present time—exopolitics. The word is a combination of exo (outside, outer) and politics (from the Greek word polis meaning city). Placed together, the word refers to a wider city or community that surrounds humanity. In essence, Exopolitics refers to a new vision of the universe – a new cosmology and sacred encounters.

Given the proliferation of encounters with UFOs, orbs and space debris, man must confront the reality of advanced extraterrestrial life forms. The evidence is pervasive and undeniable. From indisputable physical evidence such as crashed space crafts, radar returns, verified photos and videos, “flesh and blood” biological life forms to mind-matter interactions like remote viewing and bilocation, the existence of extraterrestrial life forms is more than evident. Humanity must own up to this truth and re-examine the current interpretation of reality that is unfortunately still mired within the folds of materialism.

It is now proven that physical matter participates in a non-local wave information reality that transcends solid form. Beings that are intelligent disembodied entities have been known to communicate with man for centuries. Can man afford to dismiss this as mere fantasy? This New Cosmology that embraces a universe at once physical and psychic, visible and invisible, linear and transcendent cannot be denied. Man does so at his peril. According to Greer, “the future of life on earth, and our emerging relationship with extraterrestrial civilizations may depend on our eyes being open.”

Encounters between man and extraterrestrial life forms as both sacred and inevitable. Communication between man and alien beings has existed for centuries. Now, in the 21st century, these alien beings appear to be making possible man’s evolution towards a new paradigm. Clinical research that collates the psychology of close encounters with spiritual awakening. Indeed, the spike in “subtle realm” encounters has validated the existence of an invisible dimension. Those who consciously sense this invisible realm have reached a critical stage in human evolution. They are part of a paradigm shift preparing man for the next evolutionary leap in human consciousness—man’s awakening to a universe that is transcendent, sacred and multidimensional.

Exopolitics is more than science fiction. If man is to come to terms with his evolutionary potential, he must be ready to embrace a 21st century that liberates him from the confines of materialism.

Watch the “Knowing Trailer”

Watch the “Day the Earth Stood Still” trailer

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One thought on “Exopolitics – are very real?

  1. Pretty amazing, actually! Man’s arrogance that we are the omnipotent beings studying the simplicity of life forms and matter on other planets, in other galaxies, speaks volumes the limitations placed on the path forward. There are those forward thinkers who realize the potential for seque to the next paradigm. I believe our paths are, somewhat, set. What remains open is our thinking which has the potential to impact our role in that path. With that said, I further believe that those life forms studying the mere humans on earth, and who possess the power of thought, realize the value forward thought brings to that paradigm. What does that mean for us, and our future? With, or without us, it will be!!

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