Very Scary Ride!!

Sure let’s just hang off a really tall building. Yay!

Look, I’m for adventure. I love pushing life and doing things that gets that adrenaline pumping. Maybe someday I’ll get up the strength to skydive. Personally skydiving, while I’m sure is amazing, is just dumb. I mean the core definition of the damned thing is jumping out of a plane.

But we humans will always push ourselves. It’s simply our nature. Unfortunately it’s also our nature to be fleeting idiots. But that’s fine. Because if it weren’t for stupidity and curiosity we wouldn’t have these rides.


2 thoughts on “Very Scary Ride!!

  1. Um…not quite sure just what this is as you didn’t articulate logistics with respect to location…but, I must say, I am DEVASTATED!!!!!!. Skydiving is just ‘dumb’??? I don’t think I can breathe….are you serious??? I have a list….Have I been duped?

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