1. Definitely has an opinion, doesn’t he! Not a fan of abusive relationships…but the victim has to be strong enough to walk away. If you don’t, each time it gets easier and easier for the the perpetrator to have the upper hand, and easier to follow through with whatever the form of abuse.

  2. Hmmm, again I pose the question to you:

    1. Who truly was the victim?
    2. Too sad that the verbal/emotional aspects of “abusive” are easily over written by the defense/retaliation of physical ones.

  3. Ah, and again I say to you I don’t disagree with the point you make, Mr. Snowden. It takes two to Tango or tangle…lmao! With that said, the ‘victim’ can always walk away. I don’t condone violence. If you don’t like / agree with what is being said / done, walk away! Two wrongs do not a right make, eh!

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