Black history month is it pointless?

Not sure I agree with its intent and current premise. I personally find the celebration ironic for these reasons:

* How is it that African Americans can allow omission of thousands of years of “black” history and only reflect on the few hundred observed in “White America”?

* How is it that African Americans can allow the compression of the few hundred years of observational history into the SHORTEST month of the year?

* How is it that African Americas allowed “Europeans” to circumvent their history around blacks?

* With so many African American contributions, who is it that decides what is worthy of black history? – obviously not blacks.

Honestly it makes me sick that we embrace, celebrate and uphold such hypocrisy and rhetoric so proudly when the very context of the celebration in its self is a dictation of who skewed it. Black History to this day still truly isn’t Black History. Its the black history that Europeans “decided” to “give” to us.

Are African Americans so weak, compromised, brainwashed and lazy that they will not take anything just to get along and fit the mold…? Standing up for the collective and owning what’s yours doesn’t have to result in violence, but should always result in self worth and collective unity.

Through my elders eyes I have witnessed African Americans become weaker and weaker over the generations to the point that a cheap job title, a sports scholarship, armed services, 24 inch rims, and some bullshit culture called hip hip are all African Americans need to be happy.

For my wiser African American elders I can only apologize for our collective transgression and do MY part to keep the lineage strong.


6 thoughts on “Black history month is it pointless?

  1. I thought that I was the only DARK SKINNED PERSON who recognoised this same illusion. as much as you can see that is is more than apparent that something is definately wrong with this picture you have to ask yourself questions similar to the ones above. have you ever tried to answer any of them?

    Q;How is it that African Americans can allow omission of thousands of years of “black” history and only reflect on the few hundred observed in “White America”?

    A;if you would have answered that question as convicted as you asked it you would have quickly learned that african americans are not african americans they are moorish! the word moor means “dark skinned” so that would make you moorish american or kemetian. Afrika was not called afrika when our people were in rule it was called kemet. “land of the black” or moreso known as egypt or etheopia. Etheopia was the stater and all of kemet/afrika was the state to the whole world. these are the people who were taken from kemet. Black people were the last to come to america after the majority of every other nation that were enslaved before us. this why the black people in america majority have ancestors who are from down south who are creole/french. the french are the ones who own america. the one who brought black people to america. this is the part of slavery we know about and what is projected to the masses as the beginning of our culture. This move is to blemish the history that we had before the chattel slavery period and bringing us to wallstreet to be sold and used as guineie pigs for their experiments to understand what else they needed to keep us under control and in line before willie lynch explained to the how to turn a Dominant Black Male into a nigger “one who is unaware of their origins and identity”! erase their history by beating it out of them and teach them the pagan way-“christianity”. not to mention the last author of the king james version of the bible was gearge washington the first FREEMASON. and it still isnt any wonder that out of all the charecters in the bible none of them are black. If in any persons mind that the story of the bible is all that it says that it is and it is true and in the other hand the beginning of my people is distorted beyond repair to the ignorant mind in america’s enviorment for us called projects and povertised living would you be able to understand more clearly why the majority of the black man woman and youth could care less about who they really are and accept the title NIGGA then respond to real situations withe IMMA PRAY TO GOD FOR IT TO BE BETTER. this the understanding we have throught the message of the real hip hop that you clowned on. Our people are too focused on economical necessities to pay attention to the reality of pagan and pagan like holidays that are all just some more ways for the niggers to excape the truth and do nothing about the obvious that they are questioning.

    and as for
    Q;How is it that African Americas allowed “Europeans” to circumvent their history around blacks?

    A; If you are ignorant to who you really are and you believe in europes god somewhere in your mind you have to say you believe that caucasions came from afrika too and they were jews who were the chosen people created by god who own that land and not the original inhabitants. THE-(original) BLACK-(dominant)MAN(builder/destroyer/creator)

    now ask yourself!
    Do I Believe In God?
    and you dont have to be black because this doesnt discriminate on race even though it has its blatent purpose for the dark skinned culture anyway.

    So to answer your questions as a whole is because the caucasion man dressed himself up as a jew and tricked the whole world into beleiving that he didnt exist and comes to kemet to learn from our grandparents the balance of life and atkes it from us and uses it against us and claims it as his own. sounds like some familiar accomplishments in all that white history I learned about at a young age and then trying to make my people look like they were the indigenous/barbaric ones.

    The second that the Black Man understands how the complexity of his Womans emotions are the blueprint to planet earth and the Black Woman recognise the validity of the the Black Mans logic in her enviorment is needed to raise a nation of beautiful and Intelligent children willie lynch was right they are basically doomed.

    this is the reason Black History seems to be so meaningless and just as vitally important to those who care to pay attention to the obvious. now do you understand why a educated black man is the most dangerous thing to their campaign. now u see why out of all words the nigger word fit best. now they reall run it because everybody wanna be refered to as niggas.


  2. Like Valentine’s Day, I think Black History Month is a joke. (and yes, D, it IS the shortest month…wtf..). Shouldn’t someone’s history be celebrated EVERY day? I am proud of my background and could only WISH that I knew more! I can’t seem to even trace any blood to Tipperary, Ireland, the home of my Great-Grandparents. On my mom’s side, My grandmother was part Native. I have to constantly school myself on the history of “my people”.

    Here’s a question I have: What makes someone “Black enough”? If you are so bold to be born in America and call yourself “African American”, then by all means, stand up for your homeland.

    Here’s a funny story, which I’ll re-create in a dialogue, told to me by a good friend of mine, I’ll call him Uzi, who came over here to study from Africa:
    Uzi (speaking to beautiful Black woman): So would you want to go on a date?
    BBW: Um.. yeah no.
    Uzi: Well, mind if I ask why not?
    BBW: You’re not… Black enough for me! *laughs, while looking him up and down*
    A stunned Uzi: BITCH.. I’m from AFRICA!! It doesn’t GET any blacker than that!

    Poor Uzi.. and poor, ignorant woman.

    The cure for ignorance is knowledge. The cure of stupidity is.. well, death.

  3. it sounds more like Uzi has some self confidence issues about being “black enough” or whatever and the lady noticed and gave him the YOU ARE LAME response. I cant believe that men are out here still asking to go on a date when you supposed to know weather it is already evident that she wants to go on a date and you just make plans to get up with each other later. is it the black thing you are having a problem with or is the courting abilities that you are having a problem with?

  4. well, here’s the thing: the girl didn’t quite “hear” what she was saying.. what’s the definition of “black enough”? especially to someone from Africa?
    His reaction was, “ok I’m not Americanized enough.. ‘ghetto’ enough..”

    In the end, it wasn’t at all that he wasn’t “black enough”.

  5. Hear and respect, and concur the need to talk the intelligence and global depth needed to conquer the facade.

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