Listen & Watch Carefully

Real life to Rhythm…It’s sad that this is actually all TRUE!


2 thoughts on “Listen & Watch Carefully

  1. Wow! Pretty powerful. Most folks wouldn’t take the time to look beyond the surface within the issue of gentrification, seeing simply efforts of revitalization in deteriorated areas. When you look beyond, many times you see displacement of individuals and businesses, and predatory planning by the affluent. Little thought is given to the impact this has on the people in these communities — human lives are involved not just property in a business deal. It’s sad and its wrong.

    Thought needs to be given to sustainable growth and revitalization that includes those families living in the communities; but so, too, must there be a component of instilling pride and ownership, developing self dignity, respect for self, others, environment and property. Without this you create a perpetuating cycle.

  2. Another sad point is that these “developers” and municipal leaders are the root cause for the violence and poverty in a given area. When you take people home and omitt them from their livelihood what do you expect will happen?

    How can one not think this isn’t purposefully done?

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