Moving forward "together"

“As counter intuitive as it might seem…the best way to lead people into the future is to connect with them deeply in the present. The only visions that take hold are shared visions–and you will create them only when you listen very, very closely to others, appreciate their hopes, and attend to their needs.”

–James Kouzes and Barry Posner, from their essay “To Lead, Create a Shared Vision,” the Harvard Business Review, January 2009


4 thoughts on “Moving forward "together"

  1. While I usually reserve my comments for an e-mail to you, personally, I felt the need to post this response.

    I’ve read your blog for the last several months and I am ever-impressed with how you think… even the controversial sexology pieces boggle my mind and stir my thoughts, LOL! However, within the last month I have found your thoughts to be significantly moving. One posting more in-depth than the one before… And I find myself wondering why? (rhetorically, of course)

    Today’s posting is particularly moving. You’ve taken a leadership quote/piece of counsel and made it resonate, personally. It’s brilliant. The quote is intuitive on many levels and it’s simplicity makes me feel kinda dumb. LOL.

    Well done, Mr. Snowden. Every word of this one is right on point, and the theme is priceless.

    Again, thanks for the blessing of thought and expression. =)

  2. KR,

    You are truly welcome!! My blog as you know is the place where I hope the energy of my thoughts and words echo through the eyes and minds of many.

    Life is about service, and I feel it is my service to share “me” with the world. Those who chose to receive me will not be sorry 🙂

    Thank you again for your acknowledgement and I hope to see more of you here…an intellects cafe!

  3. Simplistic yet beautiful quote!!

    A true leader is both forward and present focused. Having the gift of forward focus means seeing the possibilities and potential of that not yet tried or traveled. So, too, is it about engaging others in the journey. A true leader takes the time to impart value, interest and ownership in his/her constituents, many times pushing them to levels they thought impossible. A true leader connects the journey to the ‘others’ who are to follow. Investing in the present, truly connecting on a human level and modeling what you seek from others creates the best leaders and those most successful.

    Your gift of service to the world sets you apart. I think you’re on your way to becoming a remarkable leader, Dimitri. Such is a gift, but also a burden in that your path and purpose has the significant potential to impact many and change the course of how the world is perceived. Treasure the gift.

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