Must be equal

Have no friends not equal to yourself.


6 thoughts on “Must be equal

  1. Interesting selection! How do you think about this? Equal to yourself in all ways, or simply those that are deemed most important — intelligence, personality, age, education level, economic worth? The list is endless. Interesting fodder, eh?

  2. I think its obvious that either apply. “Equal” is a relative term and can only be assessed or quantified by the observer. So what IS “equal” will vary from person to person.

    None the less, if “equal” friends are sought the environment will be conducive for them.

  3. My initial comments were meant merely to understand your interpretation of the words — seeking your personal perspective.

    My latter comment references Frost’s “The Road Not Taken’ ( I was implying your comments took the safer path choosing not to provide deeper thoughts on how you understood and applied ‘equal’.

    That which we do not know, understand, challenge, is the easier path to take — the road traveled by most. The path not chosen could lead to a jewel rarely seen by others yet far greater in value and enriching to our lives.

  4. Interesting…well for your information, my comment wasn’t an expression of the “safer” route but more rather “my” logic. Your comment just as mine, just as my perception of equal is ALL subjective.

    To me perception has no depth. It has origin.

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