Slaves of welfare!

Modern man has become the slave of comfort-providing facilities. He needs power-supply for the host of apparatus that has made his life easy. Internet has become part of his life. Contact by mobiles throughout the day keep him/her from a moment of rest and silence.

The politicians in the administration, with a very short memory and short-lived responsibility, once promised housing, work and perpetual care to the voters. Now that these election-promises have proved too high a burden for the budget they are being scaled down. By this time newer generations have become unaccustomed to bearing such responsibilities themselves. They have never learned to put aside part of their income for bad times for instance.

More and more people are reaching an older age thanks to advances in medicine. This poses a fresh problem for younger generations: will they be willing to provide for the increasingly large elderly population in future?


5 thoughts on “Slaves of welfare!

  1. Ah, how true. In putting together all the pieces this problem poses, we mustn’t forget that the younger generation have been conditioned to live in the moment…immediate gratification and what’s in it for me far outweigh the silly burden of planning and saving for tomorrow that the older generation was taught. Now that this ‘monster’ has been created, are we to sit back and hope they grow out of it?

  2. Yea it appears it may be too late. The damage is done, all of our elders are dying or dead now – so we are left to simply “slow” down the inevitable destruction.

    I wish our elders took more time to teach and share. You don’t know how many men I have come across that are intimidated by me – a 27 year old man trying to learn. Their intimidation leads me nowhere and knowledge isn’t shared as I am deemed a threat t their manhood. What a repulsive way to view life. And the result is my being charged with having to figure it all out myself! Why not empower me to be a grounded successor instead of a threat for their few years left on this planet?

    Isn’t that a crock of toilet rubbish!?

  3. Hmmm! Interesting perspective, and understood…however, challenge your thinking. I would offer that the ‘right’ senior mentor hasn’t yet landed on your doorstep or perhaps hasn’t been ‘needed’. There is a purpose for the path you have taken to this point and what you were intended to learn from the experiences you have had. You are a far better person because of the experiences, struggles and successes you have had. And, I would argue when the time is right, if it hasn’t already presented itself, you will be a much more impactful (check Websters, lol) mentor to someone, or many, your junior.

    Perhaps there is a greater purpose than you yet understand in your legacy and clarity in understanding. Each of us does have a purpose…perhaps yours is unfolding before you.

  4. Good point, but I would still stand firm on whether being the “right” mentor or not is irrelevant to sharing wisdom. Wisdom determines its keeper not the giver of such.

    Wisdom works better under the rule or perpetuity…

  5. We are in agreement. What is interesting is the perception of intimidation of some by others. I think there has to be a common ground for introduction and getting past the initial social stumbles to build a relationship where exchange, sharing and mutual growth can occur.

    Wisdom develops from a foundation of knowledge and a journey of experiences.

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