Advances in modern medicine have caused a population explosion in many countries. It has caused a strain on their economies. Politically many nations are in their infancy after de-colonization and not able to cope with the manifold resulting problems.

Density of populations is unevenly spread over the globe. So is the welfare of nations. In former times when transportation was either primitive, or costly, the privileged could rest assured that people would stay at the place where they were born. Not so any more. With modern mass-transportation more and more individuals and families, dissatisfied with their poor living-standard, decide to emigrate, often desperately taking the risk of loss of money and life. Moreover organized crime has found in it a fresh way to make money by laying its hands on savings of these people.

If not plainly robbed they are smuggled illegally into countries with a higher standard of living, which in consequence become over-populated. Often they have gone on hear-say of a prosperous life awaiting them. Little do they know that, quite unprepared, a life in the lower levels of a strange society awaits them.

Some of the conflicts in welfare-societies are the result of this. Yet it is hardly recognized publicly. It is noteworthy that in countries like Holland speaking of overpopulation was considered politically incorrect. Yet, after WW2, when the country had far less inhabitants, the government subsidized emigration as it was convinced that there was no future for many of them. However, a few decades later the same government aired a plea for hospitality and a greater tolerance towards admission of foreigners.

Now that the devastating affects of this policy have come to the surface the trend is reversed again. Ironically, those who propagated immigration also expressed concern for environmental pollution, thereby overlooking that this is precisely the result of further industrialization necessary to provide labour for the new inhabitants.

Too many people herded together in a small area may show symptoms of animals in similar conditions. Diseases, psychic disorders and even suicidal attacks may decimate their numbers to an acceptable level.

Overpopulation resulting in increased demands on the environment and earth’s resources has become an issue of global concern. On the horizon clouds of problems are gathering resulting from insufficient water-supply and change of climate.


7 thoughts on “Over-population

  1. While advances in modern medicine have played a role in overpopulation, so, too, has the lack of education in developing nations. Illiteracy and the lack of understanding of family planning has led to problems of overpopulation and depletion of resources. Not understanding that for every life created, and future employee, you are also looking at another life that demands resources, creates a lack of balance on environmental resources. While not the only answer, education does address many of the issues with nutrition, family planning, self preservation and environmental care. It’s a step in the right direction.

    While not the only factors that contribute to overpopulation, they are significant to the issue.

  2. Hmm, I agreed with all but question “family planning”…

    I would much rather lean on nature to take its course. Meaning lets take it another step back and address how we live off the land. If we did so, the human species wouldn’t have to endorse “family planning”.

    This almost make me wonder if in fact humans are form of cancer/parasite…

  3. Not sure I support your view of letting nature take its course when we’re talking about developing countries. Children should not have to pay the price of life in countries where issues of nutrition, health care and economic conditions significantly shorten life expectancy (many times not living past the age of 5 years in countries such as India, Haiti, and Ethiopia). As well, in many developing nations, it is women who are removed from the education track…seen not worthy.

    My point of educating about family planning is about teaching, focus being women, to fully understand reproduction and equip them with the skills to make decisions (on their own behalf) and for their family. As well, in some developing countries, it is not the choice of the woman when she has intercourse, and who will support the child. For men with multiple partners, it is the responsibility of the woman. I know this is as it has been over time, however, rather than risk unsanitary abortions and/or giving birth to children at jeopardy from the day they are born, it seems a more viable and informed path, to work from education. I’m always a fan.

  4. Hmmmm, I think you missed me on the nature taking its course. You are still thinking in terms of Eurocentric ideology – one that institutionalizes humans in every regard.

    I mean taking it back to how Indians lived in harmony with nature. In doing so all that you mention has no place. To me the problem lies within the Eurocentric structure its self. Its not conducive to promoting the human race. In the areas in which it proclaims to aide the human right, it seems to destroy others.

    Education, Family Planning, and Economic Conditions mean nothing if we could just come back “home”…

  5. I very much understand what you are saying, however, since we cannot just pick up and begin anew with no implication from the mess already across developing countries, we have to be realistic and seek paths forward. If we could use the blink of an eye to remove all current issues in said countries, then your strategy back ‘home’ would be rational. Or, we could do this…separate the people in to two succinct groups…one to fend forward in the reality they’ve created, and the other to start all over again in harmony with nature. How far in to the study do you think it would derail just as it has in today’s society…lol…united in theory, divided by reality!!

  6. Good rebuttal on this one. So back to the basics. Enforce/increase education and teach all to give forward and take care of planet earth.

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