Insolent Kid

This kid plays by his own rules. Nobody tells him what he can or can’t do on the slide. Especially Dad. YOU HEAR ME DAD!? YOU DON’T CONTROL ME!


2 thoughts on “Insolent Kid

  1. The kid plays by his own rules because Dad has let it get to this point…while I don’t wish hurt on anyone, this kid needs to experience where poor choice leads. And, if Dad had the balls, he’d use this as a teachable moment to said ‘bad ass kid’ and get things back on track before its too late and there comes a time when Dad can’t bail out junior for his choices. You can allow your child creative exploration without sacrificing discipline and well behaved children.

  2. I agree, while gut busting ha-larious, there is a bigger lesson behind this. A firm hand and well guided experience are fundamental in keep such jumps minimal.

    After all the bigger we get, the higher the jumps, the harder to get back up from.

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