Dramatic, VERY Unstable and Stupid too!!

A sorority girl bawls her eyes out after trying to make fire extinguisher snow angels and setting off the fire alarm. College isn’t just about book-learning, it’s also a good place to learn valuable life lessons. For example, fire extinguishers aren’t filled snow.

She must have cried even harder after seeing the video up on the Internet. I guess we’re not helping.



2 thoughts on “Dramatic, VERY Unstable and Stupid too!!

  1. The old apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…wonder if daddy is proud of his little girl now…perhaps until the ‘fine’ hits his credit card statement. LMAO!!

  2. Yea dumb ass!!! The most scary part is that this girl is operating within our society in some capacity!! How much tax dollars will she cost me during her lifetime?…lol

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