Military Training

Good use of tax payer dollars…


3 thoughts on “Military Training

  1. Know this is most probably not the case and rather is how I choose to look at this today. Let’s assume these soldiers are simply letting out a bit of stress through humor. I can’t imagine being stationed somewhere like Iraq and experiencing the horrific reality of seeing someone’s leg being blown off right in front of me, a friend dying in front of you at the hands of war, or an innocent child in the local village who loses their parents by a sniper or symbolic suicide bomber. So, if this platoon takes a few minutes to laugh and act stupid, it is the lesser of all evils.

  2. Geeesh, party pooper. I guess if thats the case then your right and I would have to resend my previous comments…

    Your response was an eye opener and a reminder that all perspectives must be explored/entertained before a point is made – intended or not, thank you for that.

  3. In defense of the soldiers, I recognize the movements they are doing as “the bend and reach” a very popular exercise when disciplining soldiers. Especially in the IDT(Initial Duty Phase) or Basic Training phase. It is a very difficult exercise to do for a long period of time and to be singing a song/ that song while they are doing the bend and reach is definetly an indicator of them getting “smoked.” My guess….some one was caught complaining about a task or duty they were performing and it cost everyone. Trust me those soldiers are getting fit in that vide.Only in basic training. smh

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