Crime and punishment

These are a few of the factors that contributed to an upsurge of crime and violence. Modern world citizens have become more individualistic – it is everyone for himself now. The result is an unfriendly society in which neighbourly aid is pushed to the background. Many people do not dare to open their front-door anymore for strangers. They cannot be blamed.

They have read or seen on television enough cases of innocent or helpful people becoming the victim of crime. It is the age in which the adage: ‘a good deed never goes unpunished’, holds true. It is not only the resulting feeling of insecurity that matters. The loss of pride in being part of a caring society has dangerous aspects. It means that ties that held the nation together and gave it impetuous, start to weaken. Further alienation leads to more individualism, etc.

An added problem is the way offenders are punished. To lock them up with fellow-criminals may worsen their morality. In that respect corporal punishment may be far more effective, but unacceptable.

What has been said before about education also applies to internment. To instil prisoners with civic consciousness and re-educate them is not an easy task in an inequal society. Yet, absence of rehabilitation of prisoners with a new outlook and vision on life deepens problems.


2 thoughts on “Crime and punishment

  1. The move in our society away from tight-knit, caring communities where children walked to school and people watched out for one another is long gone and has impacted society in so many ways. The pace is too fast, and pride in what we do, how we do and why we do, is gone.

    Not to over simplify, but to have impact and navigate change, crime and consequence (punishment) must involve education (as you stated). There must be a teachable component to the consequence and understanding of the crime upon the victim. Yes, there are those without remorse — the sociopaths who feel nothing and will never develop a new outlook or vision. However, if the time is invested in reconnecting community — and I do believe that includes would be criminals with victims — you are adding the human factor back in. Caring and pride can be instilled and, at least, diminish some of the lesser crimes.

  2. Well stated, its like “where do we start”? Our moral compass is waaaaaay off and we are so far down the wrong street, that is seems impossible to rectify…

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