The enigma of the law

Outdated laws are a menace to society. Yet changes are often enforced a quarter of a century late. Legislation is often the result of bickering between political parties, all of whom wish their points of view reflected in order to please their voters. The result is an undecipherable conglomeration of articles and jurisprudence strewn with so many exceptions and reservations that one needs a life-time to make head or tail of them.

Every subject is held to know the law. Yet hardly any citizen does! For reasons stated above laws have become that complicated that no authority in the country pretends to know them all. This has given rise to an over-powerful legal profession only bent on maintaining the status quo, to further its own interests. The old class-justice has made way for wealth justice.

Those who can afford it – and many criminals do – engage the best minds to find loopholes in the law. Criminals will evade justice on account of an insignificant detail being overlooked by the prosecutor. Furthermore flaws in judicial practice cause such anomalies as an innocent person pleading guilty (in the U.S.A.) in order to avoid a long hazardous legal procedure.

In many Western countries the law appears to favour the criminal over the victim. Damages suffered by the victim can only in exceptional cases be claimed from the culprit. The latter being aided by all sorts of institutions and welfare workers. The victim by hardly any. The end of the road has been reached. Although no one dares to acknowledge it, everyone knows that the good have to foot the bill for the bad.


4 thoughts on “The enigma of the law

  1. Very much concur with your analogy of the situation. If I may, not only can they be a menace to society, they can also be critically detrimental to societal needs and health. Take a look at India, an antiquated law, Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, passed in to law in the mid 1860’s outlawed sexual acts between men.

    Punishable by life imprisonment, this has become a huge obstacle in the battle to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in India. Currently, there are 2.4M homosexual males in India, and India is home to 2.5M known cases of HIV/AIDS, including 100,000 children under the age of 14. The numbers in rural areas are continuing to grow, and for a country plagued with an educational system that provides knowledge with little wisdom, this is critical. India is a country with one of the fastest growing number of incidents of HIV/AIDs. A huge obstacle in the work that needs to be done.

    A bit different than the Alabama law that outlaws a dog barking after 6:00 p.m…still each evidence of a system that has failed its people. When will it change?

  2. Wow amazing!

    My only issue with the above statistics is that 2.4m Indian homosexuals and 2.5m Indians have aids. So this mean that only 100k of non-gay men have aids?

    The other thing is: how do women have it if all of these men are “gay”? Also share with me how Law 377 has become a huge obstacle in teaching aids?

    Playing devil’s advocate: if they think being gay is wrong then it’s wrong thus it’s no antiquated correct?

  3. Ah, good questions. Read again…it says 2.5M known cases. As recently as the late 1980’s when cases were being reported around the world, India sat quiet with no known cases. That changed pretty quickly and by large numbers. Part of the problem is as I stated above with the education system and getting people to understand and come forward. Health officials estimate the cases are actually much higher than reported. Additionally, as more people are not coming forward early enough to get help and to understand, these men are having sex with partners of both sexes and spreading the disease. Changing the law is, truly, only part of the issue in India. But when you look at such as a vastly populated country, even small shifts in the percentage of cases drastically shifts the numbers and impacts so many lives.

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