Cutest Video



5 thoughts on “Cutest Video

  1. Um…there aren’t words to describe! With that said..What a stellar role model and inspiration. But, what would you expect of someone who pulls his inspiration from within strip clubs. Gotta love it!

  2. Here is an irony for you: Lil John was actually born VERY privileged. His parents are very rich and he is extremely intelligent.

    The other irony is that he will be criticized by people for his language, gold teeth, dreads, and clothing before a sneaky CEO. Snake ass lawyer, or racist prosecutor in the judicial system will.

    Trully, whats the difference?

  3. Makes no difference to me if you are privileged, intelligent, in business, etc. My reference and only judgment is with what is done with / in front of children. I realize this is simulated, but when it involves babies, I take issue. There is so much out there that negatively influences children and removes the safety for them to be children and enjoy the innocent and pure years, we don’t need to add to.

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