Cell Phone Evolution



3 thoughts on “Cell Phone Evolution

  1. Amazing the advancement in just over 20 years!! I find it fascinating to look at the rate at which technology is advancing compared to education, for example. Exponentially vast differences.

    Think about it — as soon as you purchase a cell phone, there is another moving on to the shelf that antiquates your model. While just a tad exaggerated, not too far from reality! If you think about textbook publishers, the ‘shelf’ life of textbooks is generously 5-7 years, with quite a few schools using classroom text sets well over 10 – 15 years. Think of the facts and examples that are no longer valid in those books. Would you carry a cell phone that was manufactured 15 years ago? Its absurd.

    Critical is the time for educators to step up to the plate and think outside the box (restate that — think technologically appropriate and future forward)with how we educate our children and how we design schools. There has to be greater emphasis on teaching that is real, develops children to solve problems and apply skills across subject matters through technology. How can schools not get this?

  2. Good point. To me it’s a conspiracy theory. It’s done on purpose. For example did you know that the US patent process takes so long b/c the government reserves the right to have first dibs on the technology first.

    Like when the DVD Disc came out to the public it had been used for the military for 10 years already. This is how “things” are controlled. This is the same for many “advancements” and technologies.

  3. Interesting…I would also offer that politics get in the way of education. Too many people outside of education trying, unknowingly, to control what is happening inside education. Couple that with the fact that the U.S. is one of the few countries where educators are so poorly viewed and poorly underpaid. You do get what you pay for!!

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