Pregnant woman asks for help, gets ticket

Embedded video from CNN Video


4 thoughts on “Pregnant woman asks for help, gets ticket

  1. Is meeting the monthly quota that important!?! This guy is ridiculously stupid, and an embarrassment to his force, state, mankind…I can’t believe the woman’s husband sat there while this moron finished another ticket and then wrote theirs. Um…wow!

  2. Yea but what choice did he have? Get arrested, maced, tazered, or even shot? These cops are crazy and they let that badge and the tinted windows get to their head!

  3. You are absolutely right…there are those cops, such as our ‘ace on the job’ in this clip who are egotistical, arrogant, crazies. And while I did give thought to how it could play out, I’m not sure I would have stayed there and waited. Obviously, I don’t have an ‘absolute’ fail proof strategy. I just don’t think I could have sat there and waited while someone I love and care about is having contractions that close together and Mr. Idiot Police is riding his ego.

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