Quantum Mechanics: A different view

Here is what I am studying and enjoy! When you look at life in these terms, relativity has a whole new meaning! With knowing that earth, our solar system is nothing more than a SPECK in this awesome “space, how can we think:

* God is a white dude with straight brown hair
* We are the only “intelligent life” in space
* That some form of religion is the explanation to unanswered questions

I hope the below will open your mind a tad as you observe these videos. QM is not an answer but another perspective on how to view how we interpret things. Remember that NO 2 things in nature conflict; all things in nature work in unison. Only humans create conflict.


2 thoughts on “Quantum Mechanics: A different view

  1. Interesting stuff! Reality is what we allow to be created in our minds. And, reality is created for some by those whose energy exudes far greater emphasis than others to whom they are exposed. People want and need reality for life and their universe to make sense. Most will never challenge to the level of clarity that QM demands — they simply won’t risk having their ‘foundation’ rocked.

    All of the examples of ‘reality’ you list above, and thousand others, are examples of a collective group of matter created by the wave patterns or thoughts of individuals through space. People with the energy to lead others to perceive as they need / want them to perceive.

    I would argue that few truly get what you toss out for discussion, Dimitri, even fewer will explore for clarity of purpose and path. Your challenging their reality…gets at their comfort zone.

  2. I agree, and as usual this post will begin and end with you and I.

    But just to add a little, the above is exactly why i try and look at things as they are and not to over-give or under-give situations/people energy. Like Bruce Lee says: We must react like water.

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