Making a list

Get out your long checklist of holiday preparations, because now that it’s December you’re already running slightly behind schedule, and there’s so much to do before the 25th. We’re about to enter that wonderful time of year when our focus becomes even more consumer-oriented than usual…we become slightly short of breath just thinking about it.

In order to keep oneself relatively sane and solvent during this intense period, list-keeping is a must. And that’s just the first step. Just think of all the things you need to get done in the next few weeks and try not to cry.

We usually find that even a brief span of time spent on holiday planning and list-making coincidentally coincides with the annual emergence of our edible candy cane shot glasses.

Edible candy cane shot glasses

Edible candy cane shot glasses

A sip here, a sip there, and the list almost appears to fill itself out. Hours later, bottle emptied and chore completed, the glasses deliver a satisfying minty crunch, and we’re as ready as we can be to usher in another holiday season. If you can’t read the last few entries on the list the following day, just cross them out, because making a to-do list shorter lightens the load, which will give you more time to acquire that holiday spirit everyone’s always talking about.


2 thoughts on “Making a list

  1. Too commercialized the season…and for most, truly lost is the meaning. I vote for exploring, as a family (however you define your family), the needs in the world and making a decision together to support a need. Most of us don’t truly ‘need’ more material possessions. There are so many areas of need in our world and so much potential for impacting a small part. Perhaps if we looked at it that way rather than burning up the credit card to purchase more stuff and then having to get rid of /rearrange existing stuff to make room, we’d feel a whole lot better at looking at those holiday lists. The candy cane shot glasses don’t have to go away, nor do other enjoyable traditions,just explore the potential for making a difference in the world and giving as needed. ‘Tis the season!!

  2. And to add…it’s amazing to me that:

    • Lonlieness is emphasized only a few times a year, Christmas, New Years, and Valentines. FYI Valentine’s day (amongst others) is not real – but yet that day rules/and controls some many people. I refuse to succumb to it

    • As you stated commercialization has made it so that gifts somehow quantify how much you care/love for some one. I say don’t wait till Christmas to buy me stuff, buy it any day of the year – what difference does it make?

    • Family is important all times of the year, but uh oh, it’s Christmas, I guess I go see mom and dad, or talk to that cousin I really don’t like….gimme a break

    • All other cultures emphasize the importance of close family at all times, but Eurocentric ideology and good ol’ America has dithered that down a couple holidays a year. I will also go on to say that for America to be such a “Christian” society we sure do know how to uplift the pagans reign! Last irony is that Christianity is only about 1/3 of the worlds religion – ONE THRID, but somehow Christianity is the end all be all?


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