Lets tune in

Be alert to the creativity of the moment. Consider time as a string of creative moments. Awareness cultivates tuning in to the creative possibilities dormant in the now. If you are consciouss of this, a chance encounter may take on a different meaning. You may unknowingly make a remark that is significant to the other person, or ‘perchance’ the conversation may lead to a subject that needs attention and clarification.

The simplest tasks and activities may be used to tune in. Combing your hair, or walking down the street, if done in tune, takes on creative aspects.

A day may take on a different meaning if it is preceded by a short tuning in after inwardly waking up.


8 thoughts on “Lets tune in

  1. Interesting, Dimitri. While I concur with the gist of your thoughts, I’d like to clarify one point from my perspective. You state in the second sentence that ‘awareness cultivates tuning in to the creative possibilities dormant in the now’ — I don’t think possibilities lie dormant, rather present themselves in a given moment of time. If we choose to reach out and take advantage then we have chosen to mold and guide that possibility / opportunity forward and watch as our interpretation and action(s) allow it to play out. I truly believe you have to be open AND receptive to possibilities and be flexible as they may alter paths, thought, beliefs and plans. I guess it requires us to ‘keep our head on a swivel’ of sorts to ensure we don’t miss whatever potential, possibility or opportunity presents itself as we go through life.

  2. Head on the swivel – nice one coach!!

    Of course my rebuttal to your interpretation of dormancy in the now is this: possibilities CAN be dormant in the now via the threshold for them to exist. For example: I am 27 and still have the possibility to be an American Idol contestant. That possibility will exist every minute “now” until I turn 28. Until that possibility is exercised and the outcome determined its simply dormant and the “now” is the valid moment up until the point the possibility is exhausted.

    With that said, we can still narrow the scope of our possibilities by any factor and STILL have a balance of dormant possibilities. Keep in mind time is not linear…

  3. Hmmm! Guess I view it differently! In my opinion, the American Idol experience you describe is a path we can create for ourselves through assessing value against potential for success — although some don’t truly understand that balance and just go for it. lol.

    I looked at your ‘tuning in’ analogy to be much more spontaneous. ‘Living in the now’ demands on the spot, in the moment decisions that open new doors and creates new paths. It’s not about viewing life as linear, in this case, its more about being receptive to the possibilities (some only come around once in a lifetime) and being tuned in enough to grab that exact moment and run with it.

  4. So does American Idol not come around once in a life time?

    Your only age 16-28 one time in your life. I will also contend that “now” is relative the availability of the opportunity. “Now”, just as “potential”, cannot be truly quantified until executed. “Now” is not spontaneous. It’s merely a indication of time just like 3 o’clock or midnight.

    Remember this little cliché: Success is achieved when preparation meets opportunity. “Now” is not as spontaneous as you may think 🙂

    Living in now is not random acts, its just doing something at that given time.

    I again emphasize that time is NOT linear and even though you may say you are aware, your rebuttals dictate otherwise. 🙂

  5. Hmmm! American Idol is not something ‘immediate’ and personal to the individual, and thus in my opinion, does not constitute a chance encounter. If, however, you were walking down the street and the AI team approached you and asked you to sign up for an audition, then it would be a chance encounter of which you could react to the creative possibility. If you have to take the initiative to research the process and move down the path, it is a planned choice you have made.

    ‘Now’ is relative, true, but my argument is through choice vs. chance encounter in any ‘now’ moment…and necessitates time pausing in its cyclical pattern to allow energy to focus and a particle or wave to emerge.

  6. Blah – “now” is an indication of time! “Now”, just as “potential”, cannot be truly quantified until executed. “Now” is not spontaneous. It’s merely a indication of time just like 3 o’clock or midnight.

    Also, there is no such things as “chance” – everything is purposeful. Remember nothing in nature conflicts thus all actions are harmonious to their purpose.

    Last point, particle and waves don’t “emerge”. Their existence always is present it’s just a matter of being observed at a given time.

    In QM, everything is everywhere at once – super position and is only “pinpointed” once observed. SO “now” is nothing more than the moment in time in which that potential was observed, otherwise it always existed and was not created.

    If your going to entertain the QM concept, you have to throw out all old things observed.

  7. Blah…LMAO!

    A couple points to clarify —

    Don’t believe I argued that ‘now’ was not indicative of time. My point, rather, is that once we become aware of potential and choose to act on the opportunity, it gives meaning to that ‘now’ moment. It literally does not stop, but there is a moment at which the potential is quantified because you act.

    IF there is no such thing as ‘chance’ encounters, then why did you introduce in your original article? I’ll assume you use loosely, as do I. Of course, everything is purposeful but not sure if I believe our entire lives are planned from birth to death with no opportunity for altering through choices and being attuned to what we did not plan within moments of habit.

    Of course particles and waves exist in space, and while I wave the white flag in my simplistic knowledge of QM, it does seem that waves propagate and transfer energy through varying mediums. In my use, perhaps not in true QM lingo, I was attempting to say that our ‘tuning in’ allows a creative opportunity to transfer energy and waves to increase. A new direction, changed energy, whatever you want to call it, that 3:00 a.m. indication of time has provided a path if you remain ‘tuned in’.

    Keep the lessons coming. QM is intriguing!! I’ll always acquiesce, Obe Wan, in areas of little knowledge, prior experience, and ask that you provide examples to clarify where I derail! Other times, other areas, watch out. I’ll argue, until the sun comes up…but always in the interest of understanding and growing.

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