A deaf singer

Mind you this woman is deaf and uses sign language…beautiful music!



5 thoughts on “A deaf singer

  1. Beautiful music, sad lyrics…this woman has endured quite a bit of pain and stands tall and strong. What a talent.

    I don’t understand the controversy over her use of sign language within her music — the pettiness of some at those who have endured and succeeded. Makes no sense.

  2. I agree. After all, Math and Signing are the true universal languages of the universe.

    To me this just further emulates her genius and propels the fact that physical limitations are nothing more than a different path to mental endurance.

  3. Just stopped by for another listen of Sia’s music. Makes me smile each time I listen….what a talent and amazing woman.

  4. Still looking for more of her songs. Once I have I will post. Even though most of her issues are/were self imposed (as most are), I still admire her for overcoming them or at least giving them a good whack.

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