Us bi-peds are lazy!

Us two-leggers are so lazy, un-thankful and have the NERVE to mention what we cannot do…


4 thoughts on “Us bi-peds are lazy!

  1. Makes one stand in awe…you have to also wonder how, in the scheme of life, it is determined who will be given the lighter load and who will carry the greatest burden. What I have found is that, many times, it is those who face the greatest hardships and challenges (those many of us will never understand) are the greatest leaders, teachers and who truly give the most. The drive, perseverance, commitment to giving and love of life found in those most challenged is amazing. It truly leaves you wondering how we can question anything.

  2. hmmmm…many thoughts come to my mind. i may not completely understand ur comment, but i question ur use of “unthankful” and “NERVE”. as i understand ur statement (my understanding stems from a very w/holistic view which is not limited to this video clip), it appears to be a bit judgmental (?). this is not the dimitri i know 😦 i would imagine that many people have said that i have been unthankful in certain situations (maybe even u…?). i would encourage u to continue on the path of understanding–not necessarily acceptance–but simple understanding of humans. as u know, often judgement is made without complete information. (PS- initially, i had a long, moderately tangental (lol) comment but i came to believe that i digressed from the topic-lol. i’d be happy to share more with u later on this topic 😉 )

  3. amking,

    Judgmental nah. To give my comment some perspective: I wrote it from a point of general relevancy according to Dimitri Snowden ?

    My point is: “normal” people (another argument within its self) that have 100% capacity physically are more apt to not try and do things, and to say they “can’t” in respect to those who are not “normal” physically. Its like when you “missing” something we try harder…

    What I am trying to express that is if a one legged man can dance then a two legged man can get a job to take care of his child. If a one legged man can dance, then a two legged one can go outside and walk/run to get a base level of exercise instead of basking in lazy caused obesity etc…

    Of course this is not a scientific fact but more a personal observation.

  4. D
    this was the purpose of my stating, “i may not completely understand ur comment”. of course i understand that u wrote from the “general relevancy according to DS”. nothing surprising in that statement. the examples that u give in ur second posting–unless these examples exist within an unrealistic, nonexistent vacuum–contain assumptions and presumptions about two-leggers. my point is very simple: continue to explore and maintain an openness to understanding… 😉

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