Patterns of thought

It is good to bear in mind that it is for a human being almost impossible to free himself of the frame of thinking developed through upbringing, friends, society, and numerous other factors. If one could only look back on one’s way of thought a century hence one would be surprised of one’s present idiosyncrasies.

When reading of great figures in history one is always struck by the strange dated notions they had simultaneously with brilliant insights in other subjects . One tends to forget that all great prophets were a product of their time and upbringing however much they towered above it in another sense.

Man’s development seems always bound to limitations set by the human mind. Buddha could not have preached the same tidings as Jesus Christ and the latter would not have propounded the same truth as Muhamad. They were all part of the way of thinking of their particular era.

This express the cyclical nature of time…


4 thoughts on “Patterns of thought

  1. I do concur that most thinking is aligned with the cyclical patterns of time, but I also challenge…there are those anomalies that simply do not fit the expected / the mold. Those so far advanced in their thought they are, many times, deemed eccentric or ‘one short of a dozen’.

    There are those creative and talented genius who stand so far removed from the norm in any era. Consider, for example Da Vinci, a polymath, so advanced for his time — he conceptualized a helicopter, outlined a theory for continental drift and concentrated solar power just to name a few of his accomplishments. His thoughts and inventions were not even feasible during his lifetime and so outside the box. Yes, in many regards, his creative thoughts were limited by the time he walked this earth but it is what also set him apart and keeps him there. He’s brilliant…and there are others,although few, who fit the same patterns. I wonder in the future who will they turn to in this lifetime of equal genius and talent?

  2. All goods thoughts so far. Victoria, I agree with your basic premise on Da Vinci. I certainly won’t contend that he is anything short of a genius, but many of his eccentric ideas and the “outlandish” thoughts of others are adapted later in time. I could conceivably come up with some off the wall idea that seems utterly absurd by today’s standard and I may well have no concrete conception of how this might actually operate. Who’s to say that someone won’t stumble upon this idea at some point in the future and with his/her “enlightened thought and technology” consider me a genius because I envisioned something so far beyond my time and understanding?

    Just look at 50s-60s science fiction if you need an example. The crazy ideas that these writers came up with are driving the innovation of today in many respects… all because their ideas spurred the imagination of some kid who then decided to come up with a way to make the abstract idea a reality.

    Basically, I am questioning why we modern people presume that we understand the thought processes of ancient peoples. Going back to what Dmitri said – we consider ourselves very much enlightened in our thoughts today, and by what we know and understand of history, we are. But, fast forward 100 years and I’m sure we will all seem as backward and uninformed as we presume the ancients were in many respects… but there will still be those that we hold up on a pedestal, deservedly or not, because they were forward thinking enough to envision the future.

    …and that’s my random ramble for the night.

  3. Hmmmm, well to both of you it’s more like this:

    The mind/imagination as we know, is boundless. Only its emulations in the physical world are limited by the rules that govern the physical world and/or our ability to commence them to fruition.

    In other words, the mind can think of things our current physical technology cannot emulate. Did you know that the speed of a human thought is faster than the speed of light? In fact it has been said that the human thought can travel the “length” of space and “back”. Meaning that things are what they are as we are able to perceive them based on the confines of our collective reality. (using quotes around certain words because in the Quantum world/our mind, directional references do not exist. That’s why in dreams one cannot experience gravity or a state of inertia.)

    Using the helicopter as our example:
    Before it was a physical model or working machine it was a thought. Thoughts are not particles or waves, and cannot be “measured” in size or have “mass”. However, the immaterial nature of the thought was able to command the physical body to bring to physical fruition, a set of rules and mathematics that now govern helicopter flight. That was ONE man’s thought/reality that WE ALL now participate in.

    Interesting how one person can actually make a reality for all of us to participate in. This in effect changes the dynamic physical boundaries of each one of our individual perspectives. The collective participation of many, makes things a reality. The lack thereof keeps things in a state of theory.

    Let me slow down b/c I see this quickly running down a fast hill to QM (Quantum Mechanics).

    Anyway, my challenge to you both is to look beyond “time = advancement” and perceive it as “thoughts = reality”. Meaning at some point all things thought of will be “real” anyway. Sooo there really is no such thing as primitive and modern, regression or advancement its all relative to our position in the cycle of “time”. Time is non linear.

    It may change the way you see things…

  4. Interesting point, Dimitri, and one I agree with. However, that is not the point you made within your original article where you reference thought and fit relative to specific time. I agree your article does allude to the cyclical nature of time, but I think your focus in paragraphs two and three are more so on relativity of content within linear spaces of time. My humble perspective.

    My point was, specific to your writing, there are those whose thought and creative genius transcend time regardless of era. Da Vinci, as have others, created a reality through advanced thinking and challenged the comfort of many. The power is in the scope of thinking by such gifted individuals…and the rebounding of societal acceptance and understanding across time.

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