Falkirk Wheel

But yet again, we still can’t get Windows Vista to stop gettin hung up, that damn voice attendant on my banks phone option system to understand me or voting machines to work!!


5 thoughts on “Falkirk Wheel

  1. WoW! It’s amazing what mathematical genius and engineering prowess can create. 1200 tons of steel, fitted together within 10mm accuracy operates with such balance and precision that it actually takes only 1.5 kw of electricity to turn the gondolas through hydraulic motors. Nothing less than amazing! I would love to see…

  2. lol 😉 dimitri, i know u well enough to say that u know exactly y microsoft still struggles with windows vista—as well as, y companies persist in utilizing ivrs programs that never seem to work properly lol. the world, to include all of its (or should i say “Her”?) components are exceedingly complex, yet so amazingly simple–not to mention wonderfully organized. the faulkirk wheel is based on simple physics. yes, everything can be understood via a combination of 0’s and 1’s–even vista and that annoying ivrs system that chase banks uses. but these systems r out of balance and attempt to defy the rules of the universe. this thought is purely based on metaphysics. this is not to say that micrsoft will never resolve the problems with vista, but i am saying that until the correct “balance” has been realized, just as it has been realized in the Scottish designed rotating lift, vista will continue to fail. i’m not stating anything that u don’t already know lol 🙂

  3. Victoria,

    Yes it IS truly beautiful. I am not sure if you are familiar with wind turbines, but a wind turbine that stands no more than 6 feet high with a 8 mile/hour wind will generate that 1.5kw of electricity!

    Damn near 0 (that’s a ZERO not an “O”:)) impact on the environment outside of its physical presence.

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