End the pestilence!

Very, very sad. Little does he know “white people” will never be the majority ever again. The blood line is too far diffused and globally, “whites” are already the minority. Let’s go ahead and put him in prison with a 80%+ black population and see if he can make any friends.

The worst part of this, is that I will have to deal with his block head ass kids. How do I sit here and NOT become enraged? How do I just mosey through life and think life is good and racism doesn’t exist? How do we end the pestilence?


6 thoughts on “End the pestilence!

  1. This family has no idea what they are doing to their kids. When they are dead and gone, their kids will be the minority, not b/c they are white, but b/c of their beliefs.

  2. Hmmm, I have to contend your comment. The family DOES know EXACTLY what they are doing to their kids. These teachings are very purposeful and right in line with the perpetuating mindset they want to suceed them.

    And biologically speaking “whites” are the minority globally.

  3. I agree to an extent…it is a cycle….the parents, were once kids, and they were taught to hate everyone else except “whites”. Now as Parents, they are doing the same thing to their kids. It’s sad because we live in a different time from when their parents were children. So as the “old teachings” continue….the world will have moved on and will reject the beliefs of the “new generation” of racism.

  4. If we sit idly by and do nothing we are no different than the parents who teach hatred. Education is power, and the stance must be to teach the inequities that have been done, the path that brought us to this point and the path forward. Within a school community, for example, you teach what is acceptable and appropriate within that community. You teach respect, acceptance, and tolerance, and you accept nothing less. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but it doesn’t begin without action.

  5. The change won’t be immediate and will require living through a generation, at least, but I firmly stand by education as a course for impacting change. The details would fill your blog.

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