Racial Irony

As first generation bi-racial Afro-Cuban, I am never surprised about the things I hear anymore. I do however appreciate his points. I can’t help but wonder: If a black man wasn’t in position to “govern” the masses (white people) if a black man would still be an option.

Another perplexing fact, and apparent shine of racism is: you have McCain (white) and a political moron and Obama (black) and sound well rounded man, but yet the polls are still very close…wow…

Now here is the OTHER side of the spectrum and the sad thing almost ALL of the reasoning has no logical rationale…


3 thoughts on “Racial Irony

  1. The narrow minded, asinine ignorance of some people in our world is a disgrace. There is absolutely no logical basis for the garbage they spew — in fact their own lack of perspective and willingness to ‘learn’ about the power of potential in Obama and foundation for growth is causing them to miss being part of impacting change — change that will benefit the future of their ‘own’ children and families.

  2. You know, that to me is perhaps the saddest part of looking forward. Bigotry that has the misguided and misused power to influence innocence — children of such narrow-minded families and festered ignorance who truly know no different path, no different perspective.

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