Money and possessions

People often have an odd relationship with money. Not surprisingly because it is the cause of many an evil. But in that case it has not been handled well.

Money to a person may mean freedom and power. Freedom to do as one feels the need to.
If one has a strained relationship with money it implies that one casts doubt on one’s own capabilities to organize, or to constrain greed.

Money may give wider scope to one’s development, creativity, free from financial worries and limitations. It requires self-confidence, though, and a sense of responsibility. To demonstrate dominance over the attraction of money means to be able to save it instead of converting it immediately in possessions. It has become ingrained in modern life and facilitated by the tax system, to spend more than one earns, to live on credit. This means a loss of freedom because one’s debt blocks the way.

A credit balance in the bank means liberty to move as one feels. The person who saves is free. Money does not burn a hole in his pocket, he is prepared to scale down his expenses to save a little, invest properly.

He should not become stingy, though. If his love for a fat bank balance gains so much the upper hand that he/she becomes a miser unable to help another person in need, the scale is tipped. The result is an accumulation of possessions that clutter existence instead of enriching it.

Money flows to a person who shows being detached in his spending and saving it – a good steward.


2 thoughts on “Money and possessions

  1. Just as with so many things in life, it is about finding balance. Those who manage to accomplish this are truly living life in harmony with purpose and have the power to be free, the power to be. I would offer that wisdom and knowledge need to form the foundation from which all else flourishes and grows. One without the other is dysfunction. Knowledge provides us the skills and content from which to begin the journey and wisdom provides us the experiences and skills to know how to put the knowledge to use — the path. Money becomes evil when individuals lack the balance of knowledge and wisdom from which to flow. Knowing when to support specific projects and wants — business, philanthropic, relationships, or to have the gut and clarity whether or not to walk with particular individuals — all power gleaned through balance. Money (possessions) is/are materialistic and is a means to an end. It doesn’t buy happiness, it doesn’t extend success or life…it is the balance of our skills, our experiences and the path we choose that navigates the course. There will always be those who mishandle, don’t understand or deserve and those who use inappropriately for personal greed. Ultimately, they lose. They lack the balance to truly know freedom and battle with money becomes a burden to bear and work out from under.

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