Clear the way!

It’s amazing how when dictated by the laws of survival life can be SO different! We must be more appreciative of our spoiled lifestyles.


3 thoughts on “Clear the way!

  1. What an understatement! Imagine living in a ‘community’ of 400+ families where reality is no running water, no electricity, only 1 public toilet to be shared by the entire community, and reality is limiting your daily ration of water to only a small pan. A community where your home is made from whatever scraps of materials are available and streets are filled with animal feces. Imagine a reality where your home is the inside of a dumpster. Imagine a reality where you are permitted to go to school only if you can afford to pay, and school is not reality because you must work the street to help provide for the meager rations your family of 9 share in a small cardboard or tent-like structure.

    We don’t understand poverty and we don’t know what it is to struggle for survival. Appreciate, truly appreciate what you have, and ask yourself, what can I do to make a difference. Each of us has the potential to do something!

  2. Hmmm, I will contend your statement of “we” not knowing poverty. Of course it’s all relative however, I will state that I am a product of the “American” version of poverty and its nothing nice and it DEFINITLEY exercises the obvious debacles of survival and struggle.

    While your aforementioned statements are very valid, what’s different when living the “Best country in the world” and being subject to such bullshit or living in a country where it’s their normal way of life per their regions finances? Remember only WE think its poverty per US standards…

    At least “they” have a reason…there is no excuse for Americas poverty – well at least no reason other than greed.

  3. I understand and agree with the points you make relative to greed and power in our country — choices that could be made to change circumstance for those living in poverty. I concur the greed and extreme disproportion of those who have and those who do not. While I did have a place to call home growing up, it was nothing I was proud of and certainly understood not having — while I thought we were poor, at the time, we were not. I had a family and never had to live without food.

    Children should not have to live such existences, not have to worry about their next meal, not have to live without health care, and not have to live without hope and opportunity. Our country and our perspective need to change.

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