Vice presidential debate report card

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If Sarah Palin had kept up with current events here and abroad; she wouldn’t be in such a difficult position trying to play catch up-when it comes to domestic and foreign policy. These large, very obvious gaps in her knowledge are crystal clear, as millions of viewers have seen, in interviews and painfully noticeable at the debate last night.

There were so many times throughout the night when she was clearly out of her depth. Palin kept backsliding into the main talking point of drilling Alaska and offshore.

The point I was glad that Biden mentioned 12 times-was George Bush. We will have another 4 years of the same failed administration with the McCain-Palin ticket. Can America really afford more of the same-Biden relentlessly slammed that point home throughout the debate.

I found her mockery and cutesy act over the top. The blowing a kiss to the audience before the debate-not only made me cringe but-it is so unprofessional for a person seeking the second highest office in the land.

The joe six-pack image is not something I want to even envision when a Vice-President is sent on a diplomacy mission for our country. It has no place in politics and distracts from the core issues at hand.

I found no humor in it. This country can not afford to have someone not only with her attitude but her complete lack of knowledge representing the US abroad. We all thought George Bush was an embarrassment, she makes him look good.


2 thoughts on “Vice presidential debate report card

  1. Overall grades within the polls are spot on…what is scary is to know there are truly those who support the likes of Palin. If you feel comfortable sitting at your kitchen table with her, then invite her for coffee. However, this isn’t the makings of someone who would lead our country! Do people just not get this?!?

    Go Obama/Biden…

  2. I agree! I assume not some don’t get it. This kind of reminds me the parent being a friend to the child instead of being a parent. Its cool on a “easy” level but bad for structure and discipline later.

    Never the less if the Obama/Biden ticket doesn’t win, it will be disastrous and I am on my way to Toronto!! 🙂

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