Creative Freedom

I encourage you to be part of the creative process going on all around your in nature. It feels great to develop dormant qualities. You need not create a great work of art – your daily life presents opportunities continuously.

Activity you are engaged in may be either routine, or undertaken in a creative sense. Daily routines as dressing, polishing one’s teeth, preparing one’s food, if undertaken in thoughtfulness and devotion may take on quite different aspects.

Office work may be boring, but possibly with hidden opportunities. And if not, why not make a change so that it does not hamper your growth?

Work with matter, one’s own nature, contact with one’s fellowman, all may be done off-hand without giving it a thought, or in full awareness of what is happening.

Unfortunately human nature tends to inertia. That should be recognized, but not disciplined. There should be spontaneity left. One’s nature should not be drilled, but rather coaxed into cooperativeness.
Important is that you remember how great you felt in times of creativity. Make a mental note of such moments to give you faith and activate you at times that you have lost inspiration.


2 thoughts on “Creative Freedom

  1. Perspective plays a huge part in what we creatively choose our lives to be. Many of us simply choose the mundane path — going through the motions of work, home, responsibility — never seeking more than the obvious. If we give ourselves the freedom to step outside the box, burst that bubble, if you will, the world opens up to a whole new set of possibilities. We set the boundaries for ourselves and can, as well, extend the walls through creative thought.

    Allowing ourselves to explore the unknown, the what if, is not wasting time. It expands who we are, helping us grow as individuals and adding depth. Letting our minds creatively explore new ways of doing the same daily ‘chores’ allows us to see things differently, explore new people previously overlooked because of limited scope and gives us the freedom to be.

    Creative exploration can be exhilarating if we are open to the possibilities that float through our minds, in and out of the simplest of tasks. Taking a walk, completing a task at work, sharing a meal, or showering are things we do each and every day. Allow your perspective to open the door to the freedom to create, explore, grow, live.

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